Friday, May 25, 2018


President Monson always taught that the time of preperation ended the moment decision or opportunity time arrived. I sure was not prepared for the moment the call came to end the adventure in Nicaragua a little early. 

I thank the Lord on high for giving me the celestial chance to serve in this unique misison. I've come to realize just how much He truly knows me while I've walked the paved and dirt streets of Nicaragua.

The planned day for the great return is TOMORROW.  I'll see you all soon! It's been one unforgettable ride.


Elder Brayden Campbell 

Elder Campbell's journey has come to an end.  On Wednesday, May 23rd, 2018, he returned home with honor due to unrest in the country of Nicaragua.  We are forever grateful for his safe return.  

MUTHER'S DAI Y 'TISMS! May 14, 2018

​​​​There is nothing sweeter in life than playing in the garabge-smelling rain while looking for your beloved investigators and having to take those shoes off to get to the zinc hut! Memories.. Anyway! The week of Mother's came and went, and I felt great telling mom that I would be seeing her in 2... Months! 

This entire week we had been working with Yessile, the newest member of the congreation in El Viejo! Her Father opposed her baptism, but her mother,Mama Yessenia, (NOT A MEMBER!) came to the rescue and decided to let her get baptized regardless. We had spiritual lessons with the entire house, and Saturday came. At 10:30, the whole family showed up early and found us cleaing up the church. Yessile's baptism was another addition to the miracle of The North mission adventure and I sure am grateful to be apart of them!

Enjoy fam and freinds. 

Elder Campbell 

Monday, May 14, 2018


We just returned from the White House in Managua with President Poncio. Familia Chinandega Oeste got the VIP treatment if you know what I mean! (COCO) No there were no protests or gunshots, thankfully. 

On Wednesday after working our guts out on Tuesday with Elder Rod, we had our last monthly consejo as the North Mission Brotherhood. All my mission homies shared their final testimonies. The miracle is to see how much we have changed during this 2 year journey!

Yesliee and Lidia are 2 of our more eternal invesitgators who have been coming to church nearly every single week, but always doubting one little thing to take that final step of baptism. On Sunday, during Church, we committed both of them to this upcoming Saturday and both glady said yes! Also, my foul mouthed, mariachi guitar player William unexcpectly showed up to Sacrament Meeting after we had powerful lesson on the love of Jesus Christ. He then said he felt something in our words and wanted to find out what that something was. Pretty dang cool! My good friend Reynaldo who we baptized at the beginning of March shared his testimony yesterday as well, even though the church had no speakers working, and expressed how grateful he was more missionaries who are willing to love unperfect people and help them find a better lifestyle. That one hit home for me!

Until next week brothers and sisters.

Elder Brayden Campbell


"Que se rinda tu madre" has become the slogan of my dear Nica university goers as they protest the President of Nicaragua. We just preach peace and Jesus and hope the wellfare of all the people we have come to love so much! We bunkered down for a few days and were deposited a little nica cash to go and get some "essentials" to live on for a week.

The theme of Abril is Breaking Records and Taking Names according to Elder Rush. Boy is the Lord happy with the Nicaragua Managua North Mission!

Our dear friends Christopher and Evancito were baptized over the weekend after a month of lessons, church going, bible bashing, and everything in between. The Spirit opened the hearts of them both and the reactions has they came out of the water was priceless. One in tears, the other celebrating like he scored a game winning touchdown and trying to take a few laps in the font like Micheal Phelps. Miracles like always!

A man named Osmar stopped me on the street, appearing to be drunk. He asked me the question, in English, "Did Adam live with and ride the dinosaurs?" I figured he just wanted to make small talk to a gringo, but as we listened, his soul searching questions came out and we taught him on the street! A few days later, we went to his house, found him, had a special lesson, and lo and behold, the man was walking into the doors at Sacrament Meeting on Sunday. Keep them coming!

the goal was 12 and we have that gift to the Lord. April 2018 will be one to remember for years to come. My new comp will be Elder Rodriguez from Honduras! Should be a fun ride!

The prayers are being felt family and friends. Thank you! I love you all!

Elder Brayden Campbell 

Tuesday, April 24, 2018


Dearest ones! Yes, we are safe and enjoying P DAY at the moment while the rest of this country is in quite the uproar. Lots of reading, story telling, journal updating, and everything in between because we have had tons of downtime in the house waiting the storm out. The work of God rolls on and we are inching closer and closer to the most historic month in quite sometime in Chinandega Oeste!

The adventures played out swimmingly. We chased and played with wild dogs with toy guns to celebrate the events going on around us. We found a severed garrobo (iguana) head in the road and decided a celebratory picture was necessary for your enjoyment!

A few weeks ago, while I was wondering the dusty paths with the late, great Elder Morarles, we went to a reference´s house to see what elect we could find! We yelled "buenas!" at the house and out came Jonathan, Mirian, and Chirstopher. At once, they brought out chairs and started asking questions about us. Come to find out, their mother and father are long time inactive members, who lost contact with all members of El Viejo. It was the time of our lives teaching them and taking them to the activtites for the last month and having the chance to baptize Jonathan and Mirian this Saturday (DURING THE PROTESTS HAHA!). Christopher is lined up for this following Saturday, along with his dear grandmother, Mercedes. 

Keep the Nicas in your prayers. I love you all! 

Elder Brayden Campbell

Iguana Head!

Monday, April 16, 2018


Loved ones back at home. The famous Elder Hunter Campbell as been called to serve speaking the celestial language of SPANISH in Ecuador! I could not be more proud of this little dude who is one of the most diligent and hard working machines that walks this earth. Prepare Ecuador for the one of the best of this dispensation to cross your borders! 

God never seems to disappoint. I have never seen so many spiritual influences in one week. He has been right by my side every step of this adventure and you are going to love the stories this chapter entails!

On Tuesday, after our district meeting, we hit the trenches and went out looking for chosen when we ran across a pet monkey. Of course they let us play with him. I love Nicaragua hahaha!

Wednesday morning was a decisive one for Elder Baez and I. We have been studying our butts off to find out just what our Golden Famliy, Jairo, Maritza, and Brissa need to hear so they could commit to those final steps. We came to our senses and decided to share 1 Nephi 8 and compare Jairo to Lehi leading his family out of the vapors unto the tree of life. What a lesson it turned out to be! The Spirit struck their hearts, and we told them the way to finally come unto the tree and partake of the fruit was to enter the waters of baptism.. THIS SATURDAY! Maritza immediately looked to the ground... Jairo was dead silent. Maritza starting playing with her baby, but then told Jairo that she could feel it in her heart. It was what they needed to do. SHE SEALED THE DEAL!!! I've never been so filled with joy during my entire mission to hear those words. 

Thursday we committed Jennifer to her baptism after powerful lessons of the Atonement of Christ and the separation of her boyfriend. She was so excited to be clean!

Friday we committed her sister, Yorlenis to enter those same waters and leave behind the life she used to live. Of course, the spiritual lessons change the hearts of even the most unbelieving. She could not deny what she felt and committed to Saturday!

Saturday was our Tarde Blanca. We organized it all and put up a presentation with all the names. To see our 5 investigators dressed in white was a humbling moment for me. I could feel the Lord's approval as we started that meeting and as I was standing in the baptismal font. Martiza´s mormon family members from Managua came up to see the big show! The story of miralces does not end there as we went to the house of old investigators at 8:30 pm to end the night. Daniela and Genesis, granddaughters of a menos activa lady, received permission from their parents that night to be baptized the following day, Sunday, as we shared about obedience to Christ's life and commandments. It was a day where I felt alive!

Sunday was thee coolest to see our 7 recent converts pass one by one, and receive the Holy Ghost and to see the big smile on each one of their faces. These are the moments that a missionary lives for!!

And of course, today, P Day was celebrated at one of thee coolest beaches in Nicaragua with some soccer and sun burning. 

This is His work and we are seeing the fruits of our labors. True to the end! I love you all!

Elder Campbell 



Devin Carter is getting married... And my little brother, Hunter, was ordained to an Elder with a mission call just around the corner. Life is good friends and family at the homestead. And here in the trenches? Even better! We saw miracles each day wrought by our words and the Spirit's power and it was quite a sight to see! 

On Wednesday we had such a powerful NDH with our golden family. Maxel and Wuankyria and their little chele son, Max came with us to add that dagger of a member testimony. We watched the conversion of Paul and explained how baptism is the way to show Christ that we are all in for him. It was good. Maxel came in at a clutch time to help the dad, Jairo, who is the most doubtful of joining, and we could see the words touch his heart. Members and missionary work is the way to go young pups!

Consejo del Leaders. The usual!

Saturday was the primary baptism day. Our candidate ran away with his MEMBER father right as we were right about to begin. Satan....

Sunday, I felt like a rancher herding together all of my little sheep or cows to bring them all to church, running around all of El Viejo to invite them and get them there. Our baptismal goal is starting to look like a reality coming to life, keep us in your prayers!

I know God is pleased with all his missionaries around the world. This work sets the tone for life and marks the lives of so many others. I thank Him for each moment!

So ends another chapter of the Nica journey. Stay tune for next weeks! 

Elder Brayden Campbell