Tuesday, October 10, 2017

NO RAIN, NO GAIN! October 8, 2017

All I can say is I got soaked almost every day during this week because of the storms hahaha. It rained for 36 hours non stop and the entire country was on red alert for floods! BUT, we kept going baby! Valiantly and proudly, talking to anyone and everyone that would give us a chance! This week, Mayra and Alvaro got baptized! You can read there story in my soon to be novel that is coming shortly.. They are so awesome! We should baptize FIVE more this week. The pieces are finally falling into place mother!

Another part of an email he sent me. 
 Now for the group one-This one is dedicated to my first cousin on the Kimberly side of the family to receive his call to serve from the Prophet of the Lord, Jake. I've never been more proud of you dude. You'll love those dog infested streets of Peru and be a witness of the marvelous work and a wonder that the Lord does among his children. Sure do love you man! Nicaragua was quite a hoot this week with non-stop rain and non-stop preaching the Gospel. Managua was not affected too severely from the storms but our brothers down south got hit like a truck..  

Our week was filled with new missionary meetings, trainings, and our monthly leadership Consejo. Elder Diaz and I are currently preparing for the visit of Elder Cordon from the Q of 70 in the following week. We have to give a practice to all the troops in the middle of his big machete that he is going to give us. Should be dope!

Thursday night, Elder Diaz and I went to teach the final lesson of Mayra and Alvaro, our 2 newest converts in the Maximo Jerez! We felt inspired before to teach about Chastity. As we began, we helped Mayra understand that all the big changes she had felt in herself were signs of the Atonement of Jesus Christ working wonders. She could literally feel the transformation as she repented and kept her commitments! We then went into teaching. At the end, I asked the deadly question, ``Mayra, do you have ANY problems with the Law of Chastity at this time?`` She hesitated. ``Yes, I think she so.`` she says. She goes on to explain how she as been talking again to her Ex-Husband that wanted to get back together and all that jazz. Mayra then said she didn`t want to get baptized for this very reason. We feared the worse! As she said that, he son, Alvaro, who rarely talks, shouts ``I'm still getting baptized, with or without you Mom!`` It was awesome haha. Mayra realized that she had felt with us was worth more than going back to her old life. She made a 180 degree turn right then and there. 

Saturday morning came and we went to clean our baptismal font! The best noise in the world for a missionary is the sound of running water in the Church. There were tons of spiders, ants, worms and what not swimming in the water 10 minutes before show time. I had to improvise and work some magic to get all that out.. But Mayra and Alvaro came and we had a spiritual service. President Poncio came and shared an awesome message! Alvaro chose me to baptize him and I felt honored. They both shared powerful testimonies about staying faithful until the end and how they both felt ``renewed!``

I love this work. It amazes me week after to week to see the hand of Lord helping the people of this special country. October 15th is right around the corner! ;)

Elder Campbell

Luke 16: Search and find where it talks about temple work.
working hard!

Tuesday, October 3, 2017


Well, after running around in the raining (literally a hurricane for the whole weekend) we were able to bring a grand total of.... 17 investigators to conference!!! It was a flat out miracle, just like Elder Rasband talked about. So many of these 17 loved the talks and are reflecting on the messages. Elder Nelson´s testimony touched the heart of an old man named Denis that has been investigating deeply into Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon. He came in clutch! We are currently with 10 progressing investigators for baptism this month of October and I couldn't be happier seeing how the Lord brings so many awesome things to pass if we just trust in him and work our guts out. Holland and Christofferson's back to back duo talks on the Sacrament and the Atonement of the Lord brought tears to my eyes. Beautiful. I know he lives man because of the mighty change of heart he has wrought within me these last 14 months. There is no other explanation. 
(This is an exert from the email Brayden sent me.  More to follow in his email.)

At the end of another General Conference and another seven days full of miracles being produced from God´s hand, I am proud to say beloved family and friends that the Savior is a compassionate king and we are his eternal debtors. I know he lives and has influenced the lives of each of our investigators in the Maximo Jerez. October is know to be a month of miracles in the Nicaragua Managua North mission and it is cooking up as we speak. Just be prepared!

Our beloved friend, Nora, finally allowed the Holy Spirit to witness unto her heart of the importance of obtaining her baptismal record for the Church. As we began teaching Nora, we soon came to realize that she never experienced a true conversion to the Church as she was inactive for the better part of her life. She denied the Book of Mormon, claimed the Testigos doctrine to be more correct, and claimed God did not talk to prophets. Slowly but surely, as we taught her and humbly prayed on our knees after every visit, she began to have one of the most drastic changes I have seen in my mission. As we got closer to her planned date, she fell. She had doubts. We recovered, but then she fell again. Finally, we made a plan with the Lord´s help. We focused on the temple. As we explained in 1 year (exactly when her son returns from the mission) how she could go through the Lord´s House, she got pumped! But, the doubt still lingered in heart of a second baptism. We concluded her last lesson with Alma 34:33. ´´Why wait Hermana Nora if you know how true this is?´´ was the Golden Question. Saturday, after I baptized her, she shared an inspiring, convert testimony of the Savior and his heart-changing powers!

As we battled the rain every single day this week, trying our hardest to get our investigators ready for Conference, the Lord stepped in and put everything into place like a puzzle. We were able to bring 17 different investigators to the 5 sessions! Each of the Apostles delivered key messages that sparked big time desires in our friend´s hearts! We now have 10 likely candidates for baptism for October.

Ah yes, I hacked my toenail. Had to walk around in a flip-flop and get made fun of everyone and anyone. The Lord´s work can't be stopped hahaha!

All I have to say is the Elder Christofferson and Elder Holland back-to-back duo stole the show. read and reread those talks, por favor! 

´´Salvation is an individual matter. Exaltation is a family matter!´´ 

Luke 15 and D&C 84:38-We are all prodigal sons. The Lord wants to give us ALL he has. The perfecting power takes place in the eternities!

I love you all! Take care up there Elder Hales!

Elder Campbell
He's learned so much - maybe one day, he will learn to clip his toenails!!

Nora's Baptism

Wednesday, September 27, 2017


I made my way back up to the promised land of Northern Nicaragua to work with my beloved Elders and it did not disappoint! Our first day, we worked in my 2nd zone of Ocotal! I was able to work on an entire mountain side with the companionship, do 4 baptismal interviews (super spiritual), and see Rut, Jose, and Maria, all old converts! I felt alive and filled with our Savior´s love seeing and walking around with all of these oh so humble people. There is nothing better.

Day 2 (Wednesday) We made our way into EstelĂ­ after a little sleep over at Elder Hughes´ house. (Risk until 2 am). We worked a little, invited a few to baptism, then i had a video conference with Elder Cordon from the 70 with President and Elder Diaz. We talked about the upcoming tour of the mission he is going to have, talked about what we need to do better as a mission, and we received revelation. After, I made my way down to a little pueblo called La Trinidad! I met a man named Walmar that has been investigating the church for over a year. As I got to know him and his beautiful family, I felt the need to read 3 Nephi 11 and explain Christ´s visit and how the first thing he taught the Nephites was.. Baptism! As we read and I asked questions, the Spirit filled the scene. Walmar understood what the Lord was asking him to do in this moment as the words came alive. He accepted the invitation for this Saturday to enter into the sacred convent with the Lord! 

The following morning, as we were walking to the highway to leave, I found my little friend. A TOUCAN! It was chilling in the front yard of this lady like it was a dog. Of course, I snatched a few fotos! All we have to wait for now is a picture with one of those daddies on my arm haha! Finally, we made our way into Matagalpa. Sor Maria was calling my name haha. I saw Conny, Dari, Fidel, all of the Yaguarez Ward and so many people that I love. It was the perfect way to cap off our road trip!

The next morning, we hopped on a bus at 4.30 am to come back to Managua. It broke down and literally left us to die in the middle of the Nica country. Good thing I watched Man v. Wild for a few years and that I am almost an Eagle Scout..  

Nicaragua has taught me lessons upon lessons. I think the most important one is how to be humble. 

Jonas 4:11 This question the Lord makes is not just a question for Jonas. It is made for every single one us. The Lord WILL always give a sinner the way out through repentance!

I love you all. Fall is upon us!

Elder Campbell


President Poncio's daughter received her mission call to Mexico

Thursday, September 21, 2017

HOLY GROUND September 17, 2017

Well, after 13 months I finally accomplished a mission dream, which is.. Set foot in Puerto Cabezas! After working a few days throughout Managua with other companionships outside of our zone, Elder Diaz and I hopped on a little 12 seater, double engine plane with President Poncio at 6:00 am and arrived on the east coast visit our little pueblo of missionaries! They talk in another language (Miskito) and I literally felt a renewed love for the work. Puerto is a legend in our mission because of how much they baptize and all the insane stories and tales that come out of the place. I felt like Moses when the Lord told him to remove his shoes because he was on holy ground the second I got off that wobbly plane. The Lord is preparing something special out on the east coast of Nicaragua! We had a little zone meeting with the 18 missionaries out there, explored a little bit, saw some cool people and houses, ate lunch, and boom, back on the plane. Do you believe in miracles?

My dear friend Elder Nonu received the cursed pink eye this week... keep him in your thoughts.

My good ol´friends Elder Hughes and Elder Fankhauser from EstelĂ­ came down to do some divisions in the Maximo! It was like a MTC reunion haha. We found an iguana at a recent converts house and he let us play with it. I love Nicaragua haha!

We have been dry this entire mouth with all of our investigators and their baptisms. To be honest, we have be frustrated, but we put it into the Lord´s Hands and he delivered. Every time I have fasted in my mission, a miracle has occurred. 2 weeks after we did our fast, today at church, one of old investigators showed up BY HERSELF! She explained that she still wanted to learn more and get baptized this following Saturday. We told her we could help out with that! He always works in mysterious ways, but something I do know is that he prepares people especially for us. That is the biggest truth I can testify up to this point!

Happy Independence Day Nicaragua! Sure do love you.

Good luck to ALL my buddies out in the field and for those loved ones who are entering into the real deal (the field) this week and in the following weeks. The Lord has great things in store for all of you! 

Until next week, beloved family and friends!

Elder Campbell  

1 Samuel 25: ALL scripture can be in similitude of Christ if we search hard enough with the Holy Ghost. I love the story of Abigail. She pleads with David to forgive her husband who trespassed against him and she says she will take the sin UPON herself, just as the Savior does for each one of us. 

Puerto Cabezas

Elder Campbell, Elder Diaz and President Poncio

Nicaragua Independence Day

Friday, September 15, 2017


Pink Eye has found it´s way into every nook and cranny of this little country. We literally yell 'buenas!!' at someone's door and an entire family of 10 will come out with pink eye. Lot's of washing hands and praying have been involved to keep me healthy. So far haven't been infected! Shout out to my future best-man, Elder Josh Bauman from Tucxilla Gutierrez Mexico, for hitting the big 20 years this last week. Sure do love you man! Give it your all in helping those oh so special people in Mexico recover from the EQ! Elder Diaz, my companion, also turned 20 a few days ago. Man I love the mission!

Monday, President Poncio turned 45! He invited us up to his house for our normal weekly Monday meeting and we had a little BBQ with his family. He is one cool man!

Tuesday-Friday, we hit the mountains and the fields. It brought back all the days of running around with Hobbs in Matagalpa and Carter in Ocotal... President decided to cancel all the interviews this change and instead go out personally in each zone and work in the field! I had the chance to work in Chinandega for 2 days and other one in Leon. The Lord truly does have elect in every area and part of this country, He just needs us to have a better dedication to go and find them with his Holy Spirit directing us every step of the way. We offered some powerful prayers in the new approach we have taken to contacts and daily visits. Instead of saying we have a message to share, we ask people if we can offer a prayer on our knees in their house with their family and ask for blessings from the Lord. It works EVERYTIME! I have seen people with hearts of stone literally change on their knees as we begged the Lord to bless them or a sick family member. There is power in prayer, Ladies and Gentlemen!

Saturday, we worked just as hard in our area. My trainer (Elder Hobbs) taught me that eating dinner is considered a sin in the mission because it takes away time from working and talking to people. That is the kind of mission we are in here in Nicaragua! 

There is no greater feeling in this world than that of seeing a person experience that great change of heart as the Spirit confirms the words we bring into their houses. Preaching has become my passion and I love working right alongside the Master in his vineyard. He has taught me so much about my capabilities, talents, weaknesses, and what it takes to be successful. 

1 Nephi 1:1, 2 Nephi 5:27 "even though they passed through afflictions, they CHOSE to live in a happy manner. We can do the same!"
Luke 7: 37-50 
DyC 52 "The pattern? Preach BY THE WAY!"

Mask me up

Best family home evening givers of all time

Stop with the spiders!!!


Shoes of Faith

HELLO SEPTEMBER! September 3, 2017

Brayden didn't send a group email this week, but he did send some photos.  NO THANK YOU to the spider that he caught!!!

Cougar Fan!