Wednesday, February 14, 2018


The exotic Nica journey is in full swing and the big house of El Viejo is loving every moment of our dusty visits and gallo pinto dinners. Elder Morarles turned the big 20, families our progressing in our area, and Valentine's Day is upon us. What else could you ask for?

Tuesday we worked our tails off to find and teach those families! The elect family that came to church last week was stunned shut by the power of the Holy Ghost as we taught the Restoration for the first time. They loved it and are now reading the BOM each night as a family. Thee sweetest sight!

Wednesday was Spring Break as we headed down to Managua for our 'capactiation' of the new missionaries!

Thursday I headed out on divisions to El Naranjo with Elder Silva from Brazil to do some baptismal interviews with the troops! They were spiritual and funny, and each person passed with ease. It ´twas a great day to be alive on the Lord´s errand. ( I sure did miss doing those interviews!)

Sunday was a humbling one for us. A lady in our ward named Esperanza has been having some serious medical issues (an untreated hernia the size of an arm. She had no shame in showing me haha!). She pleaded that we would go to her house after church and give her a blessing. Elder Nonu and I went, read from the Scriptures, pumped her faith up, and a blessing was given. Later, she asked for the Sacrament as she was not able to attend the meeting that day. We broke the bread, poured the water, knelt, and the Spirit took over from there. We felt a little like the Savior did all those years ago when he gave the first Sacrament to his apostles. It was a holy moment for my Tongan homie and I! After, Bishop Romero took it to us and said that we had to step up our game. He only excepts excellence from us (Which is super cool!) He pumped our faith up, told us to leave his house and to find a family based on the Spirit´s guidings and report back to him how it went. We found a family of 12 that all accepted dates for March. The faith of one Bishop can move mountains... 

The journey continues. This work is divine. Keep on Keepin' on friends and family. I love you all!

Elder Campbell


Isiah 64:8 The Potter
Hebrews 12:1-2 The Finisher
2 Nephi 25:23 We (Us and Christ)

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

WORDS FROM THE DUST February 5, 2018

The arrival to the beloved zone of Chinandega Oeste could not have been better initiated as a lady from Managua took us to her sister's house just down the street from the church and introduced us! Her trip to the temple in Honduras fell through and she felt the need to find the Elder's in El Viejo to show us her family members. A few short lessons later, they came to church yesterday and are now on that path to being baptized. Yes, this is a mission of miracles and yes, we see them on the daily!
Our week was full of awesome experiences, trying to meet the members, the investigators, the areas, and everything in between! My new companion is named Elder Morales, and he is from Guatemala! He loves to talk to people (LIKE ALL CHAPINS!), teach the Gospel, and joke around with me! He was converted to the Church a short 5 years ago and is a huge example to me on the power of consecration. We have been working like mules to get to know everyone and their dog in our ward!
Member missionary work is the key to success. The Spirit prepares the people for us and the members are the #1 way to find the elect who are prepared. I have already received 25 references from the wardskis... Prepare yourselves for lots of photos of white :)
I love you family and friends, perdonarme for the lack of photos.. Next week the email will be blanketed with pictures of your favorite boys! Have the best one yet!
Elder Campbell
(Nica keyboards suck!)
John 8:32 The truth shall make  you free
Alma 18:10, 17 Ammon was WILLING to do whatever he was asked and whatever it took to be successful!

New companion- Elder Morales

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

"FATHER, ARE YOU THERE?" - Hugh B. Brown January 28, 2018

There is a mystical land, in thee hottest part of this country of Nicaragua called El Viejo. In this place, miracles are worked on a daily basis, the members love the missionaries like they are their own children, and the Lord brings out the best of his representatives. After 10 months in thee Maximo Jerez, the time has finally arrived. Starting tomorrow, I will continue the journey in this famous place EL VIEJO! It was a rough moment saying goodbye to so many that I have grown to love through so many experiences, but I know the Lord has something grand in store for me in CHINANDEGA! This week was quite a humbling one that yet again taught me a bountiful amount of lessons.

Monday, we had the chance to have a Family Home Evening with our investigator, Adriela, at the house of in laws! She was so engaged and soaked up all the teachings we gave while her husband (a returned missionary) kept re-teaching the principles after we taught them. He just wanted to make sure his 'amor' understood completely (so cute, goals!). The promise in D&C 50 of the teacher and the recipitant being edified by the Holy Ghost definitely was fulfilled during this lesson!

Tuesday-Thursday was the big trip up north with Presidente Poncio! We passed through Ocotal, Esteli, and Matagalpa! I saw old converts, members, had a MTC reunion with my old district, and it was a beauitful experience! Bianca and Darving from Matagalpa had a giant picture of Elder Mendez and I hanging up from when she was baptized. That hit home my dear friends back home..

Saturday was the baptism of this unique man, Orester! He has a been a hoot to teach and sincerly witness the change the Lord has made in his heart. Elder Packer made the promise that if someone will study the doctrine of Christ it will change their attitude and behavior better than a study of human behavior ever could. Orester will have that same opportunity if he sticks close to the Iron Rod and works his hardest!

I am certain that God gives each missionary special experiences that are fit for his or her exact needs. I look forward to miracles in the final months of mission. I look forward to building a stronger relationship with Him. I look forward to loosing myself in the humble service of my brothers and sisters in Chinandega. Here I come!

I love you all. Have the best one yet!

Elder Brayden Campbell 





Tuesday, January 23, 2018


To the homestead back in Utah, I learned some mighty lessons this past week working my tail off in the trenches with my brothers! It was yet another one filled with miracles, humbling moments, and typical mission fun. My dear Grandmother, Sharron Campbell turned the big Seventy-Five this last week. I owe it all to you Grams, you took on the heavy burden of watching a heathen like me when I was a child and look at me now :) I love you! Here is how the week played out:

Monday was normal office day with Pres. Poncio and the gang, but the precious afternoon/night time hours to work were awesome! We talked to a man who has been drunk for decades (he was sober!) and he poured out his soul to us. Turns out he was baptized years back, and he asked us for a Priesthood blessing for comfort. Those were spiritual words spoken to a man who was desperate need. Christ really does work one by one!

Tuesday, God called a Prophet to lead and guide! We watched the broadcast and I dyed laughing at the questions some of the people threw at him. I went on divisons with Elder Thackeray while Elder Mendez was in Chinandega and we had quite a spiriutal lesson at a inactives house while looking for references. He was critizing all the leaders, blasting the members, and denying his own testimony. We settled him down, and explained how our decisions determine destiny (Thanks Pres Monson see talk below) and how he was being selfish as a Father for not allowing his kids to go to church. They are future missionaries for heck sakes! He changed his whole demeanor because the Spirit was with 2 humble missionaries.

Wednesday, we met our Golden Investiagor, Marcio! He is a chemical engineer and asked about every question under the sun about Joseph Smith, The Book of Mormon, temples, the Sacrament. He loved the Plan of Salvation because he lost his father at a young age. He has gone to church 2 with his girlfriend! Shall be a cool baptism in February! (Fruits of Christmas Party References)

Friday, I learned a lesson my mother preached for so long before the mission. BE ON TIME. Always. For being dumb and uneffective, we missed THREE reference visits with THREE elects. Ah man I was upset haha! 

Saturdays aren't the same without baptisms.. But dont worry! The boys are getting dressed in white for this upcoming week. 3 of our investigators are taking those steps.. Wish us luck!

Thanks for all the prayers you have offered in part of me loved ones. I truly do feel them! I love the mission. It truly will weed out the boys from the men.
Until we meet again, in one week time. Love you all!

Elder Campbell

Alma 8:18 At times, we have to take different routes (multiple times trying) to be successful! It may require 2, 3, 4, or more tries. Failing is not an option!
D&C 9:11 ´´I took counsels to my fears´´ Don't let golden opprotunities pass you up for fear..
John 7:16-17 Put God's doctrine to the test and find out what he is all about!


A FURLONG = 200 YARDS January 7, 2018

President Poncio took us on rides with distances in furlongs that I cannot even begin to explain. We visited the areas of the mission, giving our Multi-Zone speeches, hoping to pump up the mission so we can form the Family Nicaragua Managua Norte. It was a good bonding experience with my boy, Elder Mendez!

The time we have in the Maximo is short and sacred, so we always do our hardest to take advantage to find thee coolest and elect that the Lord has prepared for us. Hopefully I will have some killer stories for you, my fans, in the coming week of the people we found! 

We caught (RED HANDED!) our investigator Orester going to the Jevoah's Witness church this week. We said, ´what the heck man?!´ He humbly replied saying, ´Don't worry gringos, I like your place more. I'll be there on Sunday.' He stayed true to his word. He will be a fun baptism at the end of this month!

For me, mission life is going great. I enjoy the journey! 

In honor of our dear Prophet, read one of his best BYU speeches and share your favorite ''Monson Moment'' with someone else. 

Elder Brayden Campbell 

D&C 33:8-10: The promise
Moroni 7:33-35/3 Nephi 27:21: Turn em or Burn em

Año nuevo friends

Monday, January 1, 2018

GOD'S GOAL: ETERNAL LIFE 4 YOU! December 31, 2017

The journey of Nicaragua 2018 is about to come to pass. I hope you all had one heck of a happy New Year and put down nice, balanced goals to help you complete the ultimate goal listed above. Enjoy the pictures :)

Elder Campbell  

House Painting

Tism City 

Free Dinner

OL' SAINT CAMPBELL December 24, 2017

Let the festivities begin Ladies and Gentleman. The sleighs in Nicaragua are not pulled by reindeer or filled to the top with presents, but are hauled by skinny horses and loaded with scrap metal and trash. Turkey is replaced with Nacatamles and Gallo Pinto. Egg nog is drunken in liters as a black substance called Coca Cola. To me, it is a miracle to be in such an awesome country. I have loved every adventure and every minute the Lord has allowed me here and I cannot wait to tell you how my Pre-Christmas preparations turned out during this unforgettable week!

Santa dropped in early and gave me 3 new companions this Monday! My boy, Elder Mendez from Honduras (who is the new AP!), Elder Thackeray from California, and our new son, Elder Barrios from Guatemala! I am in charge of teaching these amigos our area and you would not believe the miracles we have already worked together with the help of the Lord!

Tuesday we picked up Elder Barrios and were basically coordinating managers for all of the Managua with all the missionaries! After all the racket, we settled down and made it to Maximo Town with time to make some noise. We visited Francisco and his family and played our flour game. It was a hit yet again! 

Wednesday was a humbling day for me as a missionary! We gave service at the local public hospital in Managua, cleaning her up and making all the sick Nica´s days a little brighter. We cleaned windows, brought garden hoses INSIDE to spray down the walls (HAHA), weeded, picked up trash, mopped, and just about everything in between. We even saw a dead body!! Everyone, even the news, Channel 2, gave us their thanks. How can we know our master if we never are in his service, huh?!

Friday our dear friend Vincent had his interview along with Francisco done by Elder Hughes. Both have had such amazing rides in their journey trough the missionary lessons. I have come to love them both with all my heart and it was thee greatest feeling to hear their testimonies of the Savior and his church born!

Saturday was the big day for Francisco! He showed up all by himself with thee biggest smile on his face to the church. Has we dressed and talked, he went aside to wait for his daughters. They never showed, but he carried on with a tear in his eye. Right before we went into the font room, he took a seat in a chair and said a humble prayer. That is a moment I will never forget dearest family and friends.

Sunday /TODAY was confirmations and Vincent´s baptism day! His dream was to do the ordinance on Christmas Eve. Earlier in the week, he shared with me what his biggest desire for his life is and he said: A strong, united family, sealed in one of the holy temples. Today, he took that step closer to that goal. After, he melted everyone´s faces with his strong, evangelical like testimony. It was awesome!

These people are testimonies to me that Jesus Christ lives. 

John 3:16 Enjoy the greatest gift ever given!
1 Cor 1:26-29: God calls the weak to his work. Always!

Have thee Merriest Christmas yet. I'll be back for the next one :)

Elder Campbell 

Christmas Day skype

My cousin, Tom Wilkinson, a pilot for Delta, ran into Brayden in a restaurant in Nicaragua on December 26, 2017.