Thursday, March 30, 2017

TRUE WARRIORS March 27, 2017

Beloved ones back home! Another Monday has arrived.. I swear to you that time has been put on Mach 5 the last 8 or so months. We just work, work, work and the Lord blesses us with the rest! I hope you are all enjoying March Madness (Thanks for not updating me..) and preparing for the festivities in the coming weeks. Easter is an entire week here, ´La Semana Santa´ and is quite the deal. ALL the apostatized churches do their baptisms this week.. There is no better time to remember the Savior and all the wonderful things he did for us! Let's get into how it went in Ocotal, Nicaragua the past 7 days:

Monday was quite the moving day for me. After P-Day activities, we went to teach our long time investigator, Ruth. We've been inviting her and inviting her to commit to baptism, but she just wanted to wait. Before we left the house, we kneeled down and begged the Lord to loosen our tongues and help Ruth understand how important this step was in her life and that she could recognize the Spirit telling her that she was ready. To our behold, the Lord blessed us with exactly what we asked! We taught her about tithing (Thee best topic huh?) and the blessings that we've received as members of the church. She then asked us if she could do her baptism this Saturday. OUT OF NO WHERE! She told us that the Spirit has been telling her for sometime that she needed to do this and that she knew this was the True Church of Christ. A Miracle indeed.

On Tuesday, we had a Zone Conference to plan for the Tarde Blanca (Lots of baptisms) in the coming weeks and to give inspiring messages to our Zone. I had everyone do trust falls as companions. It was thee funniest thing seeing how little they trusted each other ha!

Saturday and Sunday were the baptisms! We found thee sweetest waterfall and laguna to do the baptisms up in the mountains. Better than your average baptismal font if you ask me.. 

The Lord has blessed me immensely these last few weeks! He has been preparing this heart of mine so I can be the best missionary possible.

Apply D&C 107:99-100 this week! There is no room or time for laziness. We must always be striving to be better if we want to meet the Lord's high expectations. Come hungry on Saturday and Sunday.. There will be a feast from on high! Have the best week peeps! I love you all tons.

Elder Campbell 

Ruth's Baptism

If you can't baptize by a waterfall, the local pool works too!

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

OCOTAL ON THE RISE March 20, 2017

The end to an EXCEPTIONAL week and the beginning of yet another here under the hot, tropical sun! What a time it is to be alive.. We had District Conference in Estelí this Sunday with over 500 Nicas (Not Too Shabby!). It was quite an experience seeing all of these people gathered into the Stakes of Zion to listen to the various leaders, including President Poncio! Before we begin, I would like to tell those Hone twins FELIZ CUMPLEAÑO(S)! I remember when you little guys weighed a staggering 4 pounds.. I loved your day of birth because you got me out of going to WWII class to take a test hahaha. I can't wait to see where the future takes you two dudes, you have brought so much joy to the Campbell/Hone/Withers Clan.

During the week, we had a zone duel. Ocotal v. Matagalpa! The goal was to see which zone could commit the most people to baptism in one day.. It was amazing to see how hard the missionaries worked haha! We found some of the Lord´s elect this day and were able to commit 47 people. Tuanis!

On Saturday, one of the most humbling and testimony building moments happened. The Sisters in our zone had a mom and her two kids set for their baptisms for the afternoon and when they passed for the morning, she was beyond depressed. They called us over and we entered the room and in all honestly, it felt dark. We tried comforting her, but she said she felt completely empty and unworthy of God´s love. The enemy was in full force.. She told us to leave and that she was not going to be baptized. We sadly followed her command. We waited outside, and my companion had an impression to sing a few hymns. As we sang, she called the Sisters into her house.. She told them that the hymn we sang was one she heard in her dream and that it brought a light into her heart and soul. She knew in that moment she needed to follow Jesus Christ´s example and be baptized. The Spirit filled my heart when I heard this.. A few hours later, she chose me to baptize her and her children. Three more souls for the Lord. What a Saturday it was for us in Ocotal.

As we were heading down to Esteli for the conference, our investigator puked her guts out on the bus and got it all over the people behind her. I felt terrible, but it was honestly awesome hahaha!
The Lord will work always work miracles in our lives, even in the darkest hour. We are never alone! (D&C 84:88). I know he lives ladies and gentlemen. You can know too. Prepare those Qs for General Conference in the coming weeks. He'll be ready to give you answers if you come prepared! (Tip of the week from Elder Campbell)

The mission is quite a thing. It is unexplainable! Only those who have served will fully understand. Shout out to all of you have received your calls.. This was the best decision I've ever made. I can't wait for 16 short months being a servant of the Lord. Hasta lunes amigos, les quiero muchismia!

Élder Campbell


2 Nephi 9:34 The best scripture for Sundays when nobody goes to church!

Water Bender Campbell


The Boys of Ocotal!

The Catholic Church of Mozonte

ANOTHER WEEK DOWN March 13, 2017

A few of the investigators we are teaching are progressing and getting ready for baptism! We have one 19 year named Ruth who should get baptized this weekend. She has a little 1 year old daughter and she is definitely an chosen of God to hear our message. She ALWAYS read the Book of Mormon and has dropped coffee to get baptized. We've had some dang spirtiual lessons with her, and I can honestly say my testimony has grown while teaching her. She says the gospel and Jesus Christ give her hope. I'm pretty sure her boyfriend or the dad of the kid destroyed her emotionally. It's cool to see how the spirit really does go to the poor of heart to help them learn of the Savior.

We have this other guy named Jose Ramon  and his wife Maria (AND LIKE 90 KIDS) That are loving the church as well. We are planning a wedding and baptism for them the 8th of April. He says he can't repent and doesn't want to get married, but we are moving along slowy but surely. He'll be presidente of the rama here in Ocotal one day. I can't even beign to explain how fun it is being a missionary. I meet the coolest people every day. I get offered beer, drugs, and coffee too by all the bolos and wackies in the areas. HAHA I love Nicaragua.

Times have been hard, I'll be honest. But all you can do is be of good cheer and hope and pray the Lord will deliever you. He says in John 16:33 that he overcame the world, why can't I? 
**  This is just a part of the email Brayden sent me.  He didn't sent a group email but the work is progressing!  
Best mission buddies!

Saturday, March 11, 2017

ONLY TIME FOR FOTOS :( March 6, 2017

What's good gang? I apologize for my lack of letter in this weekly update, but here is what I got!

We went to Managua for our monthly leadership meeting and it was AWESOME! We had a slight problem with the transportation part, but we were spiritually fed and learned tons from Pres. Poncio!

Elder Arias and I had quite the spiritual experience with a less active member the other day. We got to her house around 8:30 and wanted to share a quick message with her. She hadn't been to church in almost a year and she was UPSET when she saw us. ´Come back another day, I don't have time for your garbage.' is the nice version of what she said. ;) We promised to make it fast and she finally agreed. As we sang a hymn, she just lost it. She opened up to us and we were able to comfort her with a message of the Savior. It's beautiful to see how the Gospel can change even the hardest of hearts at times. Have a good week! I love you all muchísima!

Elder Campbell