Monday, September 26, 2016

LOVE FROM DOWN SOUTH September 26, 2016

Brayden's living quarters.  He's says it's the nicest in the mission and the biggest.

My beloved friends and family. Another week rolled on by, Hobbs and I are working like mules, and live couldn't be better! Hobbs is back in action after his little accident at the bus stop last week. I wish you could have seen my reaction when he passed out on that bench, bleeding all over. All fun and games here in Nicaragua! I'm learning so much about the culture and what it is like to live in a foreign country. EVERYTHING is different! These people live in thee humblest of conditions, yet are so kind and receptive. Most of the people we teach live in tiny tin shacks with dirt floors. Of course, they have their TVs with the baseball games playing and their smart phones and tablets (priorities). Funniest people! This week was awesome, I'm pumped to share about it. Shout out to my brother Jacob Hone, the big 27 this week! Couldn't ask for a better example in my life. AND, those twin boys, hittin' 6 months. Love them with all my heart :)

Tuesday, after out District Meeting, we headed on out to Sor Maria to get another week going. We talked to our locals and a few nuevos, then went on a trek to the higher parts of Sor Maria. We passed through a legit landfill and found a family that lives super close to it. Imagine teaching at the Jordan Landfill out by The Copper Mine 3 or 4 times a week. That is what this is. Flies everywhere, the smell is awful, and they just live happily. I tried to get a good picture, but lots of thugs hangout and sniff glue (hittin' that good rubber cement) up by the landfill, so I can't pull out my camera. 

On Wednesday, we went to a house of this 86 year old man named Fidel who has been a member for ages. We asked him if he wanted to become a Melchezidek Priesthood holder and he just blew up. I didn't understand anything, but Hobbs translated. "You boys are gonna come here and tell me I'm not going to church when I've gone longer than you've been alive? I fought in the war. Don't come tell me nothin' when I attend church every week." Haha good ol' Fidel with the machete. Picture of him below!

Thursday night, we were walking home from Sor Maria and tons of cops were running after a group of teenagers smoking Mary Jane. The cops only care about drugs here, ABSOLUTELY nothing else.

Friday I went on a split up to La Dalia to work with Elder Rodriguez for the day and night. La Dalia is an honest jungle, and I was pumped to go up! We didn't see any monkeys though :( It rained the entire night and we were super cold! Lovin' that Nica daily rain.

On Saturday, I came home! The buses here are thee most insane thing ever. People hop on at every stop and try selling you their homemade stuff. They all yell stuff in Spanish and shake it in your face. I like contacting on the buses though. Every person I talk to tells me they have no religion, then I say what church I represent and they tell me they are Catholic. Jerks ;) In Sor Maria, the power went out for like the 3rd time this week! Kind of sketchy walking around with zero light. 

Sunday, we only had 32 attend church. I was super bummed. The Evangelicals had some Bible celebration day, and tons of the members ditched our church for that. Sometimes I just want to slug Satan in the face. One of our investigators ditched church to go smoke some Mary Jane. We ran into him at the football field and he wasn't too happy to see us. Gosh dang Satan! Just those little things that get these people here. One of our investigators fed us Sunday night (I was nervous). The food turned out awesome and we had a sweet lesson!

I can't begin to tell you guys how awesome of an experience this has been so far! Already learning so many different things and how to really connect and work with people. The inward feelings are starting to disappear. I love it!

I hope you're enjoying fall! Watch General Conference this week thinking of me. I want to watch it in English SO bad! Jealously for sure. Much love for you all.

Elder Campbell


Mosiah 4:27: "For it is not requisite that a man should run faster than he has strength. God only gives us what he knows we can handle!"
Jacob 3:1: "He will plead for your cause."
D&C 122:6-9: "A powerful little section for when you are struggling. Verse 8 is a thinker."
1 John 4:7-9: "Love :)"
2 Timothy 2:10-13: Endure all things for the elect's sake."

My tip for the week: "Try a little harder to be a little better." -GBH


1: Hittin' those cement weights (I can do like 3)

2: Elder Rod and Yo

3: Old man Fidel (not Castro)

4: Backpacking

6: The Men at Chile Picantes

5: Matagalpa! (zoom in on the cross at the top of the Mtn.)

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

WEEK ONE IN THE FIELD September 19. 2016

Elder Campbell still lives! The last email was a little over 9 days ago, I apologize for all of my fans out there. I arrived in Nicaragua exactly 1 week ago and it is quite the place. I go contacting every day in a jungle village called Sor Maria, it's the coolest little place! The Nicas are the kindest, humblest people. Every person I pass in the street will say 'Adios' or 'Buenas', even if they look like they are going to kill me. A little about the place: There are dogs EVERYWHERE! Bolos (drunks) try to talk to us at the bus stop and in the street about God and try touching and hugging us. Nothing better than messing with a Bolo right before you go contacting! ;) It rains every day in little spurts. Our area is solid dirt roads and jungle, so we get covered in mud! My trainer, Elder Hobbs from Idaho, has been in the mission for about 23 months. He dies a few days after my birthday.. BUT! What a first week this was. Here's the good stuff!

Sunday: Last day in the MTC! It was super hard saying goodbye to all the boys from the District. After the devotional from M. Russell Ballard (3 Apostles in 6 weeks!), we said one last district prayer in our classroom. I love the dudes so much. McCord and I spent most of the night packing our stuff so we would be ready to leave at 3:50. MTC was some of the funnest 6 weeks yet :)

Monday: We took TRAX up to the airport and were in Atlanta around noon. After, we got on our plane to Nicaragua! When we landed, President Poncio and his wife were waiting there with a couple missionaries from the office. He is the COOLEST little Guatemalan guy. He was joking with us and making fun of us and asking us all of these questions. We're gonna get along just fine! After, he took all the new missionaries to Pizza Hut. We went to the mission home and that is when it became real! I was actually in the mission. It hit home!

Tuesday: I met my daddy! Elder Hobbs from Idaho adopted me on 9/13/2016. He is a ZL, has about 23 months in the mission, and he loves to machete people during lessons. (Picture of us below!) We got assigned to the Matagalpa-Sor Maria area. We are currently re-opening it, so we have tons of work to do! We took a 2 hour bus to Matagalpa and then we went home to drop off my bags. We have to climb a sketchy three story spiral staircase to get into our house! It's quite the place. We DO have running water, but the room is infested with fleas. Let the adventure begin :) We went to members houses after, and I didn't understand a word. In the middle, Hobbs looks at me says, "Elder Campbell will now bear his testimony to you." It went well..!

Wednesday: We went out to Sor Maria and we went to work! We met tons of people, talked to investigators who investigated the church months ago before the area closed for awhile, and then we had our lunch. Hermana Conny makes us lunch every day and it is SO dang good. Blessed to have her!

Thursday: I had my first baptism! They asked me to baptize Arelene Espionza only after 4 days in the mission. I was super nervous, but it went really well! She was so happy after she came up after the water. We are already seeing tons of miracles in our area. I understand very little during our lessons, but I know my place! I say what I know when the time is right, and I am the designated baptism inviter. We have tons of dates set for the coming weeks :) I'll keep you guys updated!

Friday: We had a lesson with this 78 year old women and the craziest thing happened. She had been avoiding getting baptized for over a year, but Elder Hobbs and I asked her to say a prayer with us on her knees and ask God for an answer. As she was praying, she just started wailing. I couldn't understand one word, excpet 'Bauticeme', which means baptize me. She agreed to be baptized and set a date for the following day. It was insane! Miracle for sure. She told the other ZL during her interview that she received an asnwer during that prayer.

Saturday: We just worked like mules some more and contacted tons and tons of people. The members help us out SO much! Every day/night, we always have a member helping us teach. I love the Nicas so much!

Sunday: We had 62 people attend church. Sor Maria isn't even a branch yet, but if keep our attendence up, we'll a branch super soon! After church, we were waiting at a bus stop and Elder Hobbs was sitting down below the bus stop sign. He jumped up and sliced his head on it on accident! He started bleeding everyone and PASSED OUT. Here I am, can't speak a lick of Spanish, my comp is bleeding and passed out. Luckily, tons of people were helping me out! I tried calling someone on our cell phone but not one person picked up. A truck took us to a clinic and Hobbs got some stitches. Adventure or what?

Another email ended. I hope you all are enjoying that nice fall weather and football! Nothing better :) I love you guys so much! Twanies!

Elder Campbell


Enos:1:15 "Receiving an answer"
3rd Nephi: 12:48 "Be perfect"
Matthew: 18:21-22 "Be quick to forgive."
Matthew 25:40 "Done it unto me."
Luke 13:24-28 "Imagine hearing this from Lord. Gives me chills."
3rd Nephi 21: 28-29 "We never walk alone."


1: My new Daddy

2: The first baptism! :)

3: Sunset in Sor Maria

4: The Sor Maria almost branch

5 & 6: Thee Area

MATAGALPA September 14, 2016

I only have a few minutes to email, but I made it to Nicaragua with no problems! Met President Poncio at the Airport and he is awesome. He's super funny and has carries a really awesome Spirit with him.

My daddy (trainer) is Elder Hobbs from Idaho Falls. He's our ZL and he's super sick. We get along really well and I've already learned tons from his example. I understand maybe 20% of the conversation right now, they talk SO fast, but we have lots of work to do. We are in an area called Sor Maria near Matagalpa, so if you want to look it up on Google maps and check out my hometown, go for it! TONS of dogs just walking around, and it is super green. Our goal is to get 9 people committed to baptism this week.. They definitely need tons of Priesthood help (We are trying to make this area into a stake)

Well, that's all for right now! Wish we luck with Espanol, we have tons of lessons this afternoon. I'm so glad I got to talk to each of you indvidually, what a blessing that was. I love you guys so much. Be good! He lives!

Elder Campbell
Mission President Poncio and his wife and Brayden's companion, Elder Hobbs.

WE HAVE MADE IT September 10, 2016

People of the outside world, we have made it. The field is finally awaiting and District 25B is ready to save some souls! The MTC has been quite the ride, but I've never been more excited for something in my entire life. We had in-field orientation yesterday (an all day event), and they showed pictures of tons of past missionaries at their investigators baptisms. I just felt like a champ walking in there, realizing that it was finally my time. The MTC is basically it's own separate mission. You get fed 3 hot meals every day, have hot showers, a laundry room, a nice bed, and just about every other luxury of home. I'm honestly stoked for the opportunity to go down south to a place with such humble circumstances and love those Nicas :) We had an amazing last week in the MTC! Chad Lewis, Elder D. Todd Christoffersen, tons of spiritual experiences, and of course, goodbyes. Shout out to Elder Koch for finally making it out to Mexico! Proud of you bro.

Sunday was super awesome! It was fast and testimony meeting, and almost every missionary in our zone bore his or her testimony. It's something else to see so many 18 and 19 year olds get up and explain their reasons for serving a mission and the love they have for their Savior. I just felt at home here. 2,400+ kids who all have the same purpose in mind and are here to serve their King. Sunday night, Chad Lewis, the former BYU and NFL football player, spoke to us! It was the funnest devotional I had at the MTC. He showed pictures of his mission, told stories about the mish, football, dating, and college. The coolest challenge he gave was to 'make everyday something you can write about in your journal.' His stories got me so pumped for the field! 

Monday was just your basic MTC day. Right before I went home, I found a powerful quote by Thomas S. Monsen. "There are feet to steady, hands to grasp, minds to encourage, hearts to inspire, and souls to save. Are we doing all we should?" Cool little thought :)

Tuesday, Elder D. Todd Christoffersen gave the most sincere talk on repentance. There is nothing like hearing the words of a literal prophet of our Savior, having him tell you that there is a way back and that repentance really does work. I took SO many notes haha. He said, "It is greater to be trusted than to be loved." That hit home. I hope you all can think about that little quote and the significance it has. At the end, he bore his testimony with power. He said that he is a special witness of our Savior. He said this about this our Savior, "He personally directs this church. He personally directs this work."  Instant chills! To hear a man, who, is probably one of few on this earth that has a very personal and sacred relationship with Jesus Christ, say these words. I can't explain how powerful it was. The best part, of course, is standing up as he left the stand and had him wave to all of us :)

Wednesday was new missionary day! I never got the chance to be a host on the curb. I 'm kind of upset they never picked our zone, but what can you do? I love yelling stuff to the new Elders as they walk in haha. Always looking so confused and nervous. 

Friday was our last lesson with Hermana Dibb. I don't understand why, but I was blessed with a trio of teachers who changed my life forever. Each teacher had such a strong love for Jesus Christ and they loved working with us. It made class enjoyable and something that I looked forward to. Hermana Dibb served in Guatemala and she said Nicaragua will be really similar! Our whole district expressed how much we loved her and how grateful we are for here example! Everyday was a privilege. She gave us some motivating words of advice then we said our goodbyes. I have some pictures of her below :) 

I think my favorite thing at the MTC has been going to meals and seeing Elders and Sisters saying their own little, personal prayers over their food before they ate. I don't know why, I just loved seeing that every meal time. I also loved how much fun I have had here. I met SO many new pals, and we worked like mules during class and study time. WE ARE READY!

I'm proud to say that I gave it my all while I was here. At his devotional, Elder Christoffersen said this while talking about repentance and forgetting ourselves and turning towards the Lord. "I want to live your life. You are my life. That other life is gone."  Couldn't have said it better. :)

Hopefully I have some rad stories and pictures for you guys in the coming weeks. I can't express how much I love you all! Thank you for all the prayers!

He Lives!

Elder Campbell
PS: GO COUGS!! The Holiest of all days has arrived!

D&C 18:10 "Worth of souls is great in the sight of God."
Ether 12:27 "Turn weaknesses into strengths through the Lord."
2 Nephi 2:24 "God knows why. Trust in him"
Isaiah 55:8-9 "So are my ways higher than your ways."
John 15:13-14 "No greater love."

"Thank you Mr. Gardner for loving me enough to cut me down." -Elder D. Todd Christoffersen. 


1) Buck and Campbell. Cute eh​​?

2) The Boys and Dibb!

3) "Keep your 3 Book of Mormon lengths distance"

4 & 5) THEE HOLY WAR: We're so pumped to watch it!

T-MINUS 9 DAYS Septmeber 3, 2016

I've officially been a missionary for 1 full month. Basically the old man at the MTC now, even though I still look 16! It's funny talking to the missionaries who like they could have small families at home and giving them advice. Anyway, we had such an awesome week at the ol' Missionary Torture Center (that's what Sergio, our investigator, called it). I had to say goodbye to 2 of my beloved maestros this week, and it was honestly so hard. You grow to love your teachers, district, zone, etc. incredibly fast. It feels like you are leaving family for a second time. You spend literally every waking minute with your district, and we are honestly brothers! I'm loving every minute of this experience. I'm super stoked to hit the field though! Shout out to Elder Erickson, Lorenzen, Atkin, and Shetlin. Hope you fellas are loving every minute! Well, let's hit the juice of this week.

To begin, the flight plans arrived yesterday! We leave the MTC at 3:50 AM on Sept. 12th to head up to SL International. Our flight leaves around 8:20, then we arrive in Atlanta at 2:30 ET time. After a 4 hour layover, we hop on a plane and head to Managua! I'll be in Nicaragua around 7:45 MT time. (Nicaragua and Utah are in the same time zone, convenient eh?) Wish me luck!

On Sunday night, we had the opportunity to watch the new Joseph Smith/Whitmer Farm short movies that they ONLY show at the Whiter Farm historic site and the Kirtland Temple (I think). They were honestly amazing. The first was told from the point of Oliver Cowdry. It showed how much he had to have to be the scribe for Joseph Smith during the translation. They brought the Spirit so strong! If there is anyway you have the opportunity to view these movies, do it! My testimony of Joseph Smith has grown so much since I've been here. The amount of respect I have for what he did and went through is indescribable.

Monday was just another work day, full of studies. Tuesday was awesome though! Richard J. Maynes from the Presidency of the 70 spoke to us and delivered an awesome message about the First Vision and how important it is for us to be literal instruments in the hands of God. But, the best part of Tuesday came after in our weekly District Meeting after the devotional. All the boys shared awesome testimonies and the Spirit was so strong. Elder Lewis said thee coolest thing. He said, "Satan wants nothing more than missionaries to fail. Don't let him, Elders. Be the missionary that Satan literally says, 'Oh crap, he's awake' when you wake up in the morning." AH, that got me so pumped. I want nothing more for that to be how Satan thinks when I get up in the morning. Inspiration for sure!

Wednesday, Elder McCord and I had one of our final lessons with Sergio. I've grown to love him so much! He's the coolest dude. He loves to talk about sports and Mexico haha. He's also a semi-pro videogamer (goals). He has a tournament in Las Vegas today, playing some Black Ops. Hopefully he takes home the cash prize of $2,000 :) Every time we testify about Jesus Christ with him, the Spirit just takes the lesson over. I've honestly seen such a change in Sergio. That's the reason I'm on a mission. I want to literally save souls and let them get a taste of the happiness that I've felt through Jesus Christ. (Alma 36)

Thursday we had a Skype TRC with a lady from Canada. It was fun talking to actual members from outside the country. Another companionship had some homie from Nicaragua, I was super jealous! Anytime I need a little break from study or TALL (our online language study program) I pull up a talk or the Bible Videos of the Life of Christ and watch one of them. The Church did an amazing job with them. My favorite is the 'Feed my Sheep' one. I always plug in my name when Christ says "Simon, Son of Jonas, lovest thou me?" Definitely super powerful! :) One of my favorite sayings that I've told the other Elders in my district/zone is "That we literally walk with Christ." Gives me chills!

Friday night, one of the coolest things happened. I was just writing random stuff on the whiteboard and erasing it while McCord was grabbing some stuff off his desk so we could go study outside. A few other Elders were in the room when we came in. Before we left, I wrote John 14:27 on the board, for a reason that I cannot explain, then left and didn't erase it. Later, when we came back, Elder Jorgensen, with tears in his eyes, gave me the biggest hug. He said that scripture literally gave him so much comfort and saved him. He said he has been thinking of going home because he is scared for Argentina and he didn't think he could do this. What a moment that was for me. I cannot explain the feeling I felt. Pure joy, honestly.

Another week concluded. I hate how fast time is moving. I am so grateful for my teachers for helping become closer to the Savior and help me learn the beautiful Spanish language. 

Hermano Myers gave us some cool last words of advice."Are you willing to put it all in for God? Don't make excuses, ever. That's what Satan wants. Satan wants you to be tired. He wants you doze off and not pay attention. He wants you to think of home. It's up to you, Elders, how much you let him in. Remember, God walks with you wherever you go. Yo quiero ustedes." 
This man changed my life. :) A picture of him is below! 

Keep being good and remember the 2nd great commandment! 'Love your neighbor as thyself.'

Love and miss you all so much!

Elder Campbell

2 Corinthians 7:9-10  "For Godly Sorrow worketh repentance."
1 Corinthians 13:1-2  "Paul's words describe perfectly what missionary work is all about. THE PEOPLE"
D&C 58:42-43 
Alma 34:32  "This life is a time for men to prepare to meet God."
Alma 40:11-12  "This passage is for all of you who have a loved one pass away. Know they are home, resting with our Beloved Father."
Moses 1:21  "Utilize the power of Jesus Christ."

1) The boys and Hermano Harris. Good luck my man at your wedding! :)

2) Orto vez con Hermano Harris

3) The man himself, Hermano Myers. Definitely a man of God!

4) Companionship Luv


6) Crackin' Dews with my boy, Buck. We're like best bros haha! He's from Ogden, going to Bahia Blanca, Argentina

THE WORK IS ROLLING! August 27, 2016

The days are honestly blurring together. I leave for Nicaragua 2 weeks from Monday, how insane is that? Welcome Elders Henderson, Paulson, Lokotui, Matagi, and Parrott to the one place on Earth where you can still feel the Spirit while showering. Sickness spreads like wildfire in the ol' MTC, entonces se llavo sus manos mucho. Shout out to the game of College Football for beginning in T-Minus less than one week. I'll miss you dearly! We had some awesome experiences this week as a district, and personally, I had some humbling and confidence building moments as well. It's so weird how close I've gotten to the boys in my district/zone, you'd think we were best friends for years before we entered the Work! So, let's begin.

Beloved Sunday was such an awesome day! Happy Birthday Jentrey and President Monsen :) My good bud, Elder Buck, was made our ZL on the Sabbath and I was so pumped. He went to Ogden High and he is in the other district that came in with mine. We hang in the living room and talk and drink Mtn. Dew just about every night before bed. We share super sweet scriptures we've found throughout the day and other awesome things! The Nashville Tribute Band came for our devotional and it was rad! After the 'concert' (it was the closest we'll get to a concert in 2 years) everyone was saying how much they miss music haha. They sang some sweet songs about John the Baptist, The Savior, and missionary work. Look them up if you get a chance. My favorite song is 'I was Born'. Just talks about straight missionary work :) I got chills when we sang about Christ coming again! He lives!

Monday, one of the coolest experiences happened with the district. Elder Udall's mother was getting cancer surgery Tuesday morning and he has been really quiet about it. We decided as a district that we would all kneel together and begin a fast for him and his mom. The Spirit was so strong, and a few Elders said they felt like someone was putting their arms around them as we kneeled together. Crazy huh? We fasted all day Tuesday and it was totally worth every minute.

Tuesday, Juan A Uceda from the Qof70 came and delivered his super cool message! He said, "For the first time in your lives, someone is asking for your all. Your whole heart, your whole soul, all of it." Definitely a humbling moment there. He then told of his conversion story and how our investigators deserve to feel the love and Spirit that we bring into homes. Man's got an awesome testimony :) All of my teachers tell us that we are on the Lord's time and how we should take advantage of every moment. Elder Erickson left and we got one last picture together! Godspeed Elder, thanks for being one of the biggest examples to me! Give them heaven :)

Wednesday, good Ol' Mikey Henderson came in and we got a picture together as a crew! Still just as ugly if you are curious (Check the photos below for proof). Elder Hogge (in our district) had a stricture and needed surgery. He has a CATHETER till Sunday. My heart goes out to that Young Man. 

Thursday/Friday, Hermana Dibb (our maestra/investagador) taught us a powerful lesson using Words of Mormon 1:7. It talks about how through us, especially as missionaries, God is working and spreading his Gospel. Elder McCord and I taught her about the love of Christ in our progressive lesson and the Spirit was so strong. I shared Romans 8:38-39 with her and she loved it! Friday night, we taught my boy Sergio again! He's so sick. He worked for National Geographic in Mexico for a few months shooting video of the Mayan ruins. He asked us why people in our church get married so young. I explained how the boys return from missions and are void from contact with girls for 2 years so they are antsy. He blew up laughing :) We taught him an awesome lesson about Jesus Christ and the Sacrament to prepare him for his baptism

Another week down huh? 2 weeks from Monday I leave for Nicaragua. The plan is to catch a tarantula and keep it as a pet. I'll keep you posted on how that goes. Spanish is coming along great, I'm honestly doing well. BUT, everyone says once you hit the field, you don't understand anything. 

Shout out to my cousin Lizzie for the letter, except a response shortly :) We also inherited a mini fridge this week. Apparently, the story behind is that an elder like 6 months ago came here and had diabetes and he needed to keep his medicine cool. So they gave him a mini fridge and they never asked for it back. And of course, do you think an Elder would give it back? Obviously not. Grateful for that beloved Elder and his diabetes. :)

Love you guys all so much! Watch lots of football and read some scriptures before bed time. Keep me updated on how my Cougs do :) (Like when they beat the Utes)

Elder Campbell

Mosiah 24:14  John 21 (feed my sheep)  Matthew 11:28  Alma 7:11


Package from a good bud of mine :)

Sergio, the man himself, in the flesh!
Elders Atkin, Shoemaker, I, Henderson, and Loko

Elder Hendy and his Chinese Speaking self.

I sparked Floral Friday in the Spanish Zone.

BACK AT IT August 20, 2016

Gracias por su tiempo. Elder Campbell back at it!

I'm sorry, but I first must break all of your hearts. Elder Holland did not speak to the MTC this week. He decided to bail and talk at BYU instead.. But we were privileged to hear form Sister Oscarson, the General YW President, and from Brother Daniel Judd. I'll share about each of their talks at separate parts during this email. But, to begin, I have an awesome story! For the last week, Elder McCord and I have been teaching a REAL investigator named Sergio Hernandez. Sergio's brother served a mission for the church and Serigo noticed a huge change in his brother's demeanor. He decided to investigate the church. He's been taking lessons from some Sisters here at the MTC, but they are leaving on Monday so we took over. They challenged him to be baptized, but he was still kind of shaky. So Elder McCord and I taught him about the Plan and about Jesus Christ's Atonement and he totally loved us. He met with the Sisters one more time before our lesson yesterday and he chose to be baptized! During our lesson, he said he loved talking to us and really wanted to keep the commitments we challenged him with. I didn't feel like we did a whole lot, but he said our lesson on Jesus Christ appearing in 3rd Nephi really helped him decide. A little miracle it 'twas :)

On Sunday night,  Daniel Judd spoke to us. He shared thee coolest story about this Islamic convert named Muhmed Ibinjo from Ghana were Judd served as a MP. It brought a little tear to my hearing this man tell his story and how he literally jumped for joy when he received an answer from God telling him it was true. Pretty sure the video of his story is on if you are interested. Its a good one :) Later, we watched 17 Miracles. Everyone's eyes were really sweaty, it was thee oddest thing. 

Tuesday, Sister Oscarson shredded us with her testimony. She opened up by apologizing for not being Elder Holland, and then showed us the video of the gardener and the current bush video by Elder Chirstofferson. If you've never seen it, I challenge you to search it up on Such an awesome message :) After in our district meeting, I told about my man Harley Yazzie and a little of his story and about his baptism. I'm so proud of you brother and for you decision. Sorry I couldn't make it, I was a little busy ;) 

Miercoles, we taught a real investigator from Barcelona! Of course, she talked with the beloved theta (lisp) that those Spaniards use. It was a little difficult to understand, but I seriously don't realize until after lessons how well I'm picking up/speaking in pure Spanish. The Lord works in mysterious ways :)

Thursday/Friday were both super awesome days! Brother Myers is our new teacher and he served in Uruguay. I'll get a picture with him next week. This man is seriously a true disciple of Jesus Christ. He always shares the coolest messages and stories about the Savior and his own personal life. He makes us speak in Spanish, or at least attempt to, before we can ask in English if we truly don't know how to say it. Yesterday (Friday) he D&C 45:3-5 with us, along with Moses 7: 28-29, 32-33. The stories and doctrine he shared with these scriptures blew me away. A total wave of Spirit hit me. D&C talks about how Christ is our mediator with Father and how all of our guilt, all of our blames, all of our sins, are on him. It's powerful. Sit down, take a moment to read, and then thank the Lord for what he's done for us. You cannot even begin to comprehend how much love Christ has for you :) 

This sums up another week in the adventures of Elder Campbell. Elder Brig Rush sent me an email and described a little bit about Nicaragua. The town he's in has no running water, fleas, bugs, and parasites in their house, rains everyday, and the people talk beyond fast and have their own little slang. Boy, I am pumped! :) 

Until next time, do some good in the world. Send me a letter or something cool.

John 14:27  1 John 1:8-9  Joshua 1:9

Elder Campbell


Brayden and Schyler Shoemaker

Elder McCord and I, thugging around

Floral Friday with Elder Fankhauser (left) and Elder Howell (right). They're both wearing my ties :)

Elder Udall being Elder Udall (Thee funniest kid I've met)

The old country shirt cliché x2 :)

BATMAN vs. EL LUCHADOR August 13, 2016

Good people from the outside world, it's me, Elder Campbell.

10 days already gone, how insane is that? All the experienced Elders told us just to make it to your first Sunday then all the days will begin to blur together. I can totally attest for how true that is haha. To begin, you will not believe the luck my companion, Elder McCord, has. So remember how I was telling you guys that he got sick and I gave him a blessing? Well, he wakes up the next morning even worse, so we ended up going to Instacare (little field trip to the outside) with strep throat! Haha, he then had to get a shot right in his butt. Of course, I got a picture to harass him with. But get this, the next day, the dude ends up getting pink eye! The whole Zone has been avoiding him and calling him 'enfermo' all week. 

Last Saturday, we had thee most epic throwdown in our apartment complex between Elder Batman (no joke, his last name is Batman. I'll get a picture of his plaque next week.) and El Luchador. Batman threw on a batman mask from home and this other Elder had a Nacho Libre mask and they wrestled in the living space in the complex. I've never seen anything like it. On Sunday, I was in the room most of the day with McCord because of his Strep. But, I was able to go to Sacrament and hear the testimonies of the older kids. I love hearing how much love they all have for Christ. Later on, I sung in the MTC choir with 1,500 other missionaries and Matthew Holland spoke about Joseph Smith at the devotional. Singing Praise to the Man and Joseph's First Prayer after he described what Joseph actually went through was humbling. Later, we watched The Character of Christ by David A. Bednar. What an amazing talk that was :)

Tuesday, Elder Neil L. Anderson of the Qof12 came and talked! First time I've ever seen an Apostle live. They broadcasted his talk to every MTC in the world. Super cool! We all stood up when he walked in and all of us were completely silent. Such a spiritual experience. He talked about how missionary work isn't complex, but it isn't easy.He focused on three main points: Be clean, Be obedient, Be busy. He killed it :)  I sung in the choir again and definitely was on the TV. So, Elder Bauman at the Mexico MTC, I better be famous amongst your district. 

Thursday, Elder McCord and I taught one of our last lessons with Alberto. We focused on trying to use the Spirit more and less of our notes. Boy did it pay off. No joke, I understood EVERY word that Alberto was saying. I was able to form words in my head while barely using any of my notes. The Spirit was honestly so strong :) Definite testimony builder.

On Friday, Brother Myers (who actually turned out to be our 'investigator', Alberto) opened up his lesson with thee coolest story of Christ. We sang 'Nearer my God to Thee' and then he went right into it. He explained that Christ never looked outward once in his entire life. He was always searching for ways to help and serve others.He then explained how crucifying is thee most painful way of death known to mankind. While Christ was on the cross, he still was teaching and serving. These are Bro. Myers words. "Nothing on Earth, Heaven, or Hell could've stopped Christ. What will stop you, Elders? A little tiredness or laziness? When you are down or feeling sorry for yourselves, get back up and get to work. Do what Christ would've done." I've never felt the Spirit so strong in my life. I love my teachers so much. Hermano Harris and Myers are quite the dynamic duo. 

I'm so pumped for Nicaragua and the chance to be a representative for the greatest life this Earth has ever seen. Also, shout out to thee Kimberly Campbell & Nicole Curtis for hooking me up with a fat package and some Krispy Kreme's.Te Amo!

Elder Brayden Troy Campbell
2005 N 900 E Unit 192
Provo UT 84602

I have loads of pictures for you guys! Hope you enjoy them. Also, sbove is my MTC address if you are feeling bored. ;) By the way, THEE Jeffrey R. Holland is speaking to us on Tuesday. I understand if you are jealous because I am honestly so excited. The MTC gym only holds like 2,000 missionaries, so there will be fights for a seat. That's a promise. Until next Saturday, much love! :) Nos Vemos!
Brayden and Schyler Schoemaker

Sick Elder McCord - getting to visit the Instacare

Bingham Boys

Schyler Shoemaker, Ethan Erickson, Brady Atkin and Brayden - Bingham Boys


Mis personas favoritos, como estas?

Well, I've survived the first three days of the KFC as basically every Elder called it as I was walking through with my host and bags to my dorm. It's seriously like a tidal wave of Spirit the second you walk through that gate, even after you just saw your family for the last time in two years. The coolest thing is seeing an army of white shirts walking around with a purpose and everyone saying something to you. The first Elder to say something to me, besides my host, said, "Welcome to Spirit Prison, Elder." I thought it was the funniest thing in the world. I'm so glad that people still have a sense of humor here because I would honestly die without it. 24/7 of straight focus and doctrine would be (pardon my French) hell.

On Wednesday, we went straight to class after we dropped off our bags. I met my companion for a brief second on the way into our dorm. His name is Elder McCord, and he's a super cool dude. (Blessed) He's 6'5" and I look like a freaking midget next to him, but he makes me look good on the court. All I do pass to him and he lays it in. As I walked up the stairs to my room, Elder Boud was standing right there! I was honestly so pumped to see a fellow Bingham man :) It seriously is like a 3 month Bingham reunion at the MTC, I see everyone. I never had my camera when I would see them though, so I apologize for the lack of pictures. More next week I promise! Anyway, we then went to class before our introduction with the MTC President, and our teacher, Hermano Harris spoke Spanish the entire time. I can already feel the three years of Spanish I took in school starting to make its way back into my head, so that's a major blessing. I'm still thee biggest Gringo though (next to Elder McCord.) After class, we had the big orientation with all the missionaries. They split us in half because we are one of the largest groups to ever enter the MTC on one day. They said something close to 900 missionaries! We sang hymns, listened to the President, and just kind of dorked around. I feel so bad for the ones who are missing home so much that they aren't even having any fun. I've honestly been enjoying every second so far and I'm so pumped to keep going! I ate dinner with Elder (Moose) Shoemaker and his Comp, so that was super cool! He's still as ugly as ever though ;) Later, we had some discussions with fake investigators with 40+ missionaries at a time. It's interesting to hear what some of these Elders try to teach. Some kid babbled on about the Twelve Tribes and how Joseph Smith is a direct descendant or something like that, and I am sure he lost the whole class haha. Keep it short and sweet Elders :)

Thursday, we had straight class most of the day. Lots and lots of Spanish. They focus on practicing and repetition which has helped a ton. I love learning here because I actually have a desire and care for what we are learning unlike in school! In the afternoon, we had a 2 hour class with an RM. I didn't care much for the class to be honest, but I met an Elder who was sitting behind me named Elder Smith. He just bore is testimony to me about Christ and it was honestly so awesome. Grateful for that! Later we had more class, then we met our Branch Presidency and ZLs. Elder Fankhauser is our DL and he went to Brighton. He knows Jake and Sydney Seamons, so shout out to you guys! After, we played some slamball in our dorm because Elder Lewis from Mesa brought one haha. Every time I see Elder Lorenzen in the halls or in a class, I tell him and his companions that he smells haha. 

Friday was super sweet! We had class in the morning then we had an hour for gym. On Fridays, the Spanish Zone plays the German Zone in a huge soccer game. No joke, 50 on 50 soccer. Just huge scrums of bodies and kicking. Whenever we have a corner kick, the German kids all yell "Set up the Berlin Wall!" or when they have the ball running down the field, they yell "Blitzkrieg!!". It's honestly so funny. We won 2-1 of course. Our ZL, Elder Horsely, scored both our goals. Ladies, this dude is a hunk haha! Every Sister Missionary is in love with him. He's honestly so sick though! Tender mercy of the day was finding Elder Shetlin and giving him a big missionary hug. Still the same ol' Jash! Later, Elder McCord and I taught our first lesson with our "investigator" Alberto. We did decent for our first full lesson in Spanish. That night, our whole district was in our classroom just doing personal and companion study. Elder McCord starting to feel really sick and cold, so he asked the ZL if he could head back early. Before we left, Elder Cruz said we should give him a blessing. McCord asked me to give it and it was super sweet! Our whole district felt the Spirit so strong :) 

Today we just have the temple and another lesson with Alberto. Good luck to us! I tried the cookies and cream chocolate milk and it is honestly garbage. It tastes like 20 packets of straight Swiss Miss with watered down milk. Shout out to you Tanner for that suggestion. :( 
Tomorrow we are getting a Bingham Pic with all the missionaries after the Character of Christ movie. I'll get some more pics next week, I promise :) Til then personas, be good. 

Elder Campbell

The Comp and I x2

I sleep on the ironing board every night.