Tuesday, January 17, 2017


Family and friends back at the homestead, how goes it? I genuinely hope you all enjoyed your weeks and all the snow that is DUMPING in the ol´ Utah. I had another AWESOME week here in Matagalpa.. BUT of course, the week of changes hit and our district had a pretty big mix up! I'll explain all of that at the end of the letter! Shoutout to all of you who believed that there was a war in Managua.. <3 Also, shoutout to the those little twin boys, hittin' the big 10 months! MISS YOU!

Again, we had ANOTHER BAPTISM! Karen, decided to take the steps closer to the Savior through the waters of baptism, even though her ENTIRELY family was against it. (Mom still signed the permission, of course.) After her service, she shared such a powerful little testimony with us on how she wanted to be a missionary because the 2 little angels in white shirts changed her life. That was a tender little moment for ol' Elder Campbell.

I didn't have any monkey experiences again this week, please forgive me. 

We went up to EstelĂ­ and had a little multi zone conference with all the Elders and Sisters. Hermana Poncio wrecked us again with another clean your house machete.

NOW! THE NEWS! Matagalpa is finally becoming a stake this upcoming Sunday and Elder Kevin R. Duncan is coming to preside. BUT.. I will not have the honor of witnessing it because on Saturday night, President Poncio called me and told me I was being moved out to Ocotal. I just got here a few hours ago and my companion is named Elder Carter from the beloved Ogden, UT! He's thee sickest dude and we are going to work our guts out to help raise this zone back up to the top! President Poncio called me and said, ´´Elder Campbell, the Lord has assigned you to be the next Zone Leader in Ocotal. I expect nothing but the best from you and perfect obedience in this calling.´´ I started speaking English to him because I was so baffled. I am truly humbled by this opportunity to serve my fellow missionaries and help the cause for A TEMPLE in NICARAGUA. 

Elder Rush is moving out to PUERTO CABEZAS as a ZL. Love you man, take it easy!

I read a little talk by Elder Holland that talked about us never being alone in this work and this world, that the Lord will always send his angles to ´´bear us up´´ (D&C 84:88). It really hit home for me, knowing that even in our darkest despairs and saddest moments, the Lord always promises heavenly comfort and guidance. He ALWAYS promise a way through it. 

I cannot even begin to explain how much I am having out here. I love this work with all my heart and I am beyond excited for the remaining 18 months (officially starting the Sis. Mission). Keep reading those scriptures and doing good in the world. I love you all! 

Elder Campbell

Elder Campbell and Elder Rush

Saying goodbye to Elder Rush

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

MONKEY GAMES January 10, 2017

Beloved friends and family, my deepest apologies for being a day late! Long story short, there was a little war in Managua and in Honduras, so ALL the electricity was out in every part of the country (except the cross on the top of the mountain, of course). So now, I am given very little time to write to you all about how SICK this week was!

To start it all out, I was walking by the cemetery in Matagalpa to go the house of an investigator with Elder Rush. As we walked past a house, we saw A MONKEY tied up to the tree in the front like a flippin' dog! I'd never been so happy in my entire life. Of course, I gave that sucker a little pamphlet and invited it to be baptized. You can all assume the answer I got.. Hahaha I love this place.

I also ran into 3 white kids from California in the park. It was thee hardest thing trying to explain about the mission in English.. 


We had a baptism! Noemis, one of our long time investigators of this change. She fought against every member of her family because she knew what we taught her was true! All of her family are members of a different church and wanted nothing to do with us, but the Lord is always preparing people for us. This is why I love this work, we find the Lord´s chosen sheep in the most unlikely places!

The day of her baptism, she totally lied to her blind mom (that factor made it a little easier for her to escape for a few hours) and came to the church with us. Don't worry, she is 22 so she was able to make the decision for herself, we just had to do a little plan Nica! She shared her testimony with us and it was night and day that change that occurred the past 4 weeks.

Sadly, that is all I have time for this go around. I love you all! I heard a quote from an ex-president of the mission from Nicaragua. He said,´´Obedience is a commitment to Jesus Christ not only for all of your mission, but for all of your life as well.´´ Think about that pup for a few seconds or so. I wish you all killer weeks! 

Elder Campbell OUT

The guys from California

Monkey Time

Baptism Time

Tuesday, January 3, 2017


Dearest Bretheren and Sisteren, how are we all doing? From what I've seen, the majority of you passed a wonderful New Years and did not get too plastered.. I hope! Nica New Years are quite different than those in the Ol´ USA. First, EVERYONE builds these life size dolls that look people. They draw a bunch of things and sins and past lives and what not, stuff them with garbage, fireworks, explosives, etc. and at Midnight, they throw them in the street and BURN THEM! HAHA, it was so funny walking around the streets of Matagalpa seeing everyone with their dolls on their porches with empty beer cans and vodka bottles.

We worked a little differently than mules this week. (Apparently I say we worked like mules every week.) We saw mountains of miracles from the Lord for our diligence and desire to serve in his vineyard. Unfortunately, we did not have the chance to baptize this week.. BUT! stay tune! This upcoming weekend we have a few awesome investigators who are ready for that final step!

New Years Eve you know for a fact I stayed up till Midnight. My companion hit the hay at like 10:40, so I had to carry the load on this one. I sat on the balcony of our house watching all of the fireworks in the Mataglapino Valley. It was like a flippin' war! 

Sunday was another one of those frustrating days that turned out to be kickin'! We got lied to so much, but the elect made their way to church! When we were walking to church, this dead drunk bolo that I had talked to earlier in the week was chilling on the corner. He yelled, ´Elder, I want to change my life! What do I do?´ Of course I said, ´´You can come to church with me this dang minute!´´ HAHA, and you know for a fact he tagged along. In the middle of sacrament, he basically yelled in my ear, attempting to whisper, I NEED TO GO PEE. Hahaha, I love this country. 

P-DAY: Elder Rush and I cooked the boys of District COMO NO a killer pancake and bacon breakfast. Then, we watched Saratov Approach. It was awesome.

Well, that is all she wrote. I complete 5 months TOMORROW! I can't believe how fast time is passing by. I love you all, do some good in the world this week.

Elder Campbell


1. Mosiah 3:7 Why did he do it? Because he loves you, him, her, and me!
2. D&C 110:13-16: When eternal families became a reality!


The life size dolls that they BURN

Pancakes and bacon with Elder Rush and the District

Pablo with the clutch shoe clean.