Tuesday, May 30, 2017


The beginning of this letter deserves a shout out to one of my best friends in the world, Harley Yazzie! We did it all together man, and I cannot express how proud of the man you are becoming and the steps you are taking in your life. Kick it in 2019 haha! MODESTO; CALI! Bring on June, bring on more adventures, and bring on more miracles!

I was able to watch the biography video on the life of Thomas S. Monson this past weekend here in the mansion. It is incredible to see the things he has done for this world, and the devoted servant of the Lord he is and has been. At the end, he said something that I will never forget. ´´I want the Lord to always know, that if he needs an errand run, Tom Monson will run that errand for him.´´ Truly humbling to a listen to the love and humility of a man like him.

This upcoming Thursday, we are going to have a Consejo with all the leaders in the entire mission. Should be a blast!

Yesterday, here in the Maximo, we were able to experience the converting powers of testimony and the Book of Mormon for a mother who would not give permission to her 11 year old daughter for her baptism. The mother was baptized years ago, but as since gone away from the church for whatever reason. As we talked and shared the Gospel with her, her heart re-opened and the Lord fulfilled the promise that he made in Revelations 3:20. It was quite the ride and humbling experience for us as missionaries!

I think the thing i love the most is playing soccer with all the little Nica´s on Saturdays for PDay hahaha!

Of all the worlds that Christ created, he came to this one, to call and minister amongst some of the most noble spirits of our Heavenly Father! Read D&C 138 this week por favor.

He lives, his Atonement is infinite, and can give us power from on high. I honor that name forever! Hasta domingo friends and family. HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY!

Elder Campbell 

HELAMAN 15:7-9



The oh so clear Lake Managua

The one and only Walmart in Nica!  And, not his glasses.  Wearing Elder Carter's!

Monday, May 22, 2017


After a short break, my epistles will make their great return to tell all of you, my beloved family and friends, just how much I love this work! I was able to return to my homelands of Matagalpa and Ocotal the past weeks to visit with the missionaries AND to make visits to the people that have changed my life forever. To see how the Lord works in the lives of people who truly have humbled themselves before him and to continue keeping the commandments after listening to a white kid from Utah teach them about their Savior in broken Spanish.. This is the work of Him! 
HAPPY MOTHERS DAY TO MY MOM! Thank you for taking time out of your big day and Skyping me! 

TODAY, one man that taught me all I know is hitting a landmark of 49 years.. My father! There was no greater blessing than being raised by a man like him. Thank you, Dad, for the 19 years of guidance and example of what a man and a father should be. I sure do love you! Make sure to wish him a good one!

About 2 months ago, the missionaries from the Maximo Jerez ended up finding a man named Cristian by the works of a member. This man, through battles and trials, took the steps of baptism yesterday and made a complete 360 degree turn around through it all. One night, he told us that he loved when we visited because of the peace and love he felt as we shared our message about Christ and how that same Feeling stayed in his house, long after we had left. The Lord worked mighty miracles in the life of this man and I am forever grateful for that. If you look up convert to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints on the Internet, Cristian would be the definition and picture that would show up!

One time, a thug named Saul was on a road that lead to a city named Damascus. Suddenly, the Lord and Savior appeared to him, to chasten him and to change his course of life forever. Saul was blinded and humbled, and had to be taken into the city by the strength of others. As Saul humbly prayed for help, the Lord called one of his servants to administer unto Saul. The servant was hesitant, but the Lord confirmed unto him that he was a ´chosen vessel´. All of us our chosen vessels for the Lord and he needs us more than ever. No matter where we are, no matter what we've done, he will send someone or something to invite us back. To change us. This life is all about that change. The change to gain a testimony of Jesus Christ. If we hearken unto him, he will show us how we can make that necessary change. Of that I testify!

Man, preaching has become a passion for me. I love nothing more than teaching this Gospel. I love working with my companions in the Maximo and helping President Poncio raise the Mision Nicaragua Managua Norte to the top! 

Look at them and weep! That is all we have for this one. I love you guys, stay safe!

Elder Campbell


AP NEILSON, what's good baby.


Cristian, man! (I am not as fat as I look)

Monday, May 8, 2017

NINE MONTHS May 7, 2017

Brayden didn't send a group email this week, but he sent some pictures.  He had a little toe surgery from one of the other missionaries - I told him to CLIP HIS TOENAILS!!!! 
It's a turtle!!!


COME UNTO ME April 30, 2017

D&C 18 talks about bringing souls unto the Lord and how great our joy will be if, first, we bring ourselves unto him and then, secondly, how GRAND our joy will be when we bring many souls unto him! Well, the Lord sure is working like a mule in our beloved little mission here in Nicaragua. As a mission, we completed a goal of 200 baptisms, 200 souls, and 200 sons and daughters of God who took the step´s to come unto Him. Only a missionary can truly explain what it is like to serve a mission. It is quite the brotherhood. It changes lives. Give it all to him!

As our normal duties, we visited Chinandega, Esteli, and Leon this week for Multi-Zones and for interviews! I love getting to work the ZLs and getting to know every part of Nica. I almost sweated to death out in Leon... 

Our zone of Bello Horizonte had a Tarde Blanca, in which 14 people entered the waters of baptism. It was incredible to feel the spirit so strong and to see all the support from the members. God lives and he truly will make us into what he needs if we can learn to trust him and sacrifice our wills! Serve. Then serve some more and just enjoy life!

We were able to see the changing power of the Gospel and the Book of Mormon in the life of Hermana Jennifer! For over a year, she battled the missionaries, always saying that Joseph Smith was the devil and that he lied. As she read with us and truly prayed, that heart of stone changed drastically. If the book is blue, the church is flipping true!

Life couldn't be better. I love you all! Be good this week!
 Elder Campbell!

Some of the 200 baptisms