Thursday, April 27, 2017

THEE MAXIMO JEREZ April 23, 2017

Everyone! How goes it? We have seen some of thee biggest miracles the past 2 weeks here in thee Maximo Jerez of Managua! We had people who haven't been to church in years return, healings through the faith of the members, and of course, A BAPTISM! The Lord is working grand miracles in the of the Nicaragua Managua North Mission. We are about to have over 200 baptisms in the month of April, and the rainy season is upon us. Before we get into it, congratulations to Sister Hays from the Ol' SOJO, getting her mission call to the Philippines, speaking Tag-a-log (HAHA). Prepare yourself for the time of your life! I'm one proud Elder! Also, gracias a mi madre y the beloved Nicole Curtis + Family for hooking me up FAT these past weeks with packages, loaded with things from the USA. 

Monday and Tuesday we had meetings with all the new leaders and new missionaries here in Managua. It's always a great time seeing all the little babies!

Wednesday we did divisions with my boy ELDER HUGHES! We had one of the funnest days working together in the Maximo! Throwback to the week before the mish with the picture.

Thursday and Friday we also did divisions with other ZLs in the mission. I worked with my boys Elder Mendez (Step-Dad) and Elder Basham. What a time it was working and sweating like donkeys!

Saturday, we saw the miracle of a sister who, after 14 years of investigating the church, finally decided to get baptized! A few days before, she told us that she had a dream the night before that changed her life. She said that she dreamed that the Savior himself took her by the hand into a river and baptized her. She paid great attention to her dress in the dream as well, and the next day, her neighbor, who is a member of the Church, showed her the EXACT same dress that she used her in dream. They both started crying, and in that moment she knew she needed to get baptized. One of the biggest miracles I've seen in these 9 months.. 

God is a god of miracles, and he will work them in your lives. Come unto him, accept the invitation, 'Walk with me', and I promise that you will see his Holy Hand working those miracles you need in your life. He suffered, and through that suffering and his blood, we can clean up. He needs you guys, EACH AND EVERYONE OF YOU to recommit today to be the best you can. He needs his valiant sons and daughters fighting alongside him today, tomorrow, and forever!

Until next week, my beloved ones. I love each of you! Enjoy this week, include us in your prayers! We are going to need them.

Elder Campbell 


This big guy is David, my best bud! He trained Elder Blanchard up in Salvador. Smallest word ever!

MCCORD< FANK<CAMP back at it!

HUGHES DADDY  (Brayden met Elder Hughes from California right before going into the MTC.  His mom is friends with our neighbors that live right across the street and they stayed there until they took their son to the MTC on the same day as Brayden.

GOD BLESS THE USA (el bautismo)

Saturday, April 22, 2017


My new area is thee best area in the mission. The members here are so dang awesome! It is also 100 freaking degrees every single day so that is nice hahah.
President Poncio introducing AP Campbell

Thursday, April 13, 2017


Friends and family back home, Elder Campbell in bound! So, I am currently in Managua on this gorgeous Sunday night under the hot tropical moon (HA) from the Headquarters of the mission. We'll get to the reason here shortly.. BUT, this week was easily thee craziest 7 days of my entire mission experience (Up To This Point) because we were able to bring to pass the baptisms of 2 FAMILIES from Ocotal for our zone ´TARDE BLANCA´. I cannot explain what it is like to finally baptize a family and allow the path to a sealing in the temple to be marked. The Lord poured his Spirit out over our 16 missionaries and they were all able to throw their sickles in and reap some fat blessings! The news finally arrived for Elder Campbell and after 3 short months, I am leaving Ocotal. The love I have for that little jungle town is unexplainable. Boy, it was a tough break up!

So.. On Tuesday, we had zone interviews with President Poncio and the AP´s. I was able to do divisions with Elder Neilson and wander around in the jungle. We ran around, taught repentance and invited everyone we could to get baptized. Quite the time! My time came to have my interview with President and it went normal.. until he told me that I was going to have changes the coming week. He told me that after long discussions, meditation, and pray, he has decided to call me as the AP of the Nicaragua Managua North Mission! Man, I wish you guys could've seen my face.. The Lord has blessed me beyond the amount that I have deserved in the last 8 months and I am so determined to take on this next assignment with every ounce of power that I can give. That is exactly what I told President. With this, my new day of writing will be Sundays! Bring on the adventure!

On Friday, we had the 2 weddings at our church. Jose Ramon and Maria, Roger and Jorselyn. The first weddings of my mission! There were a little shaky to be honest, the lawyer was brand new and pretty sure she got her license from the Black Market.. BUT they got married, so who cares! HAHA the best part was that hermana Maria got married in a shirt that said ´´SLUTS´´.. I almost fell on the floor when she walked into the chapel with it on. NICARAGUA!

Saturday, we rounded up the entire zone and ran up to the beloved waterfall and had all of the baptisms. It was quite the sight seeing how the Gospel worked miracles and went into the hearts of these special people. There is nothing more rewarding than a baptism, let me tell ya! I love this country and I love being a missionary. I'm never going home!

Finally, Today (SUNDAY) I had to say goodbye to the beloved ones from Ocotal. I bore my testimony and had a little sweat runnin' from the eyes. It truly hit me during this moment the divinity of this work and how it actually changes who one is. I promise you that if you look at people in the way that our Heavenly Father sees them.. You're life will change too! At 1:00, I boarded my bus (ALL BY MYSELF) and took my 5 hour bus ride to Managua. I am in for quite the ride.. 

I promise everyone single one of you that Christ is love. He is a reality and I know that one day he will be back to gather his Saints. Until then, let's get to work. Try a little harder to be a little better and apply the atoning blood of Christ every single day. It works!

I apologize for the novel, nobody has written me yet. Con Mucho Amor!

Elder Campbell 

´´The more we serve our fellowman in appropriate ways, the more substance there is to our souls. We become more substantive. As we serve others, indeed, it is easier to find ourselves because there is so much more of us to find.´´ -D. Todd Christofferson 

Baptisms in Ocotal

Friday, April 7, 2017


Well, exactly 8 months ago was one of the most emotional, but one of thee most exciting days of my life! I entered the ol' MTC, with all the hopes and dreams in the world haha. To think how much I have grown and come to know what this Gospel is really all about.. To all of you preparing for the that journey, get ready for a roller coaster of 3-9 weeks. (the MTC is what you make out of it!) What a time it was to be a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints the past weekend. Shout out to Sister Spencer for the big call to NJ, USA! I'm so excited for you, give them heaven! I had the chance to listen to ALL 10 hours of  conference and boy was it inspired.. I thought for sure Tommy Monson was going to say ´Nicarauga, Managua´ in that list of 5 new temples... Onto the to adventures of Elder Campbell!

On Tuesday, I went up to Jalapa to do some splits with my boy Elder Taylor. You can see Honduras from the tops of the hills and it is thee greenest place on Earth. (Not really). It was quite the time!

Thursday we rolled out of bed at 2:30 (thankfully) to head down to Mangaua for the monthly Consejo de LĂ­deres with President Poncio and his wife and the other ZLs. As usual, we were taught greatly by our leaders and most importantly, the Spirit! 

On Saturday, as we were preparing our ´chapel´ for conference, we came to the knowledge that there was no electricity in the whole place. We started freaking out and doing anything we could think of to get it back on.. Turns out the clown from Managua FORGOT TO PAY THE OCOTAL LIGHT BILL! The electric company came to the church on the morning of April 1st and snipped our lines like an 8 day old boy Israelite (Gen. 17:12-I've been studying the OT, sorry..) We ended up hauling everyone to a cyber for Saturday and were able to be spiritually fed with the oh so fast Nica internet! 

Sunday we rented a generator and got the whole church running on light. It was glorious and completely ghetto hahaha!

My favorite talk was President Eyring´s from Priesthood session. Christ is inviting us to ¨walk with him¨ every single day. I promise that as we do, we will be able to see every single person exactly how our Heavenly Father sees them. Think about it just a minute! Review the talks as well. Pres. Monson is a true Prophet, I know it!

We hiked the Nica Cross of Ocotal this morning. I doubt your morning was better than mine. Have the best week yet, ya'll. You all mean the world to me!

Elder Campbell 

1 Peter 2:9 This would become my Plaque scripture if I could change it haha! We are a ´´particular people!´´ 
Zone Leaders

Cross of Ocotal