Tuesday, December 27, 2016

1 DOWN, 1 TO GO December 26, 2016

Happy Boxing Day to all of you English fools out there! Man, my heart is full. I cannot even begin to explain what a high-emotion, crazy, anticipated. and all around humbling day. I am forever grateful for the condescension of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. To take up this 'tabernacle of clay' and experience mortality just like every one us. Christmas is quite different here in Nicaville, but God has his elect and I was able to experience my most rewarding Christmas yet!

On Christmas Eve, one of our members invited us over to eat some dinner with her and all of her family. Just over a month ago, her husband passed away because of a brain problem. To see her, still smiling, still going, still enjoying life, humbled me down to my very core. I was just sitting there, enjoying some BBQ chancho, singing some Christmas hymns, and that is when my eyes were opened. I was called here to lift the hearts and the spirits of those who are on the verge of giving up. I was called here to find those chosen elect of God. I was called here to do the will of my Father in Heaven, because that is the only uniquely personal thing that we can literally give to him. I was able to share my strong testimony with them in my simple Spanish, and man, the Spirit was there. I am forever grateful for this calling I've been given.

CHRISTMAS DAY: We had a little shaky morning with all of our investigators, but I GOT TO TALK TO MY FAMILY AFTER! I cannot explain the joy that came to me during this moment I shared with them.

I am so grateful for all of you and for this time of year. I read a story in Luke the other week about the 10 lepers. Always show that gratitude to the Lord, even in your trials! Remember what he did for us. 

Another wonderful work in the Lord´s work completed. HAPPY NEW YEARS! Bring on 2017.

Elder Campbell 


Luke 17:11-19 ¨Where are the 9? Be the one who returns to Christ!¨
D&C 78:19- Gratitude, baby!


¨A hen gathering her chickens under her wings¨ MERRY CHRISTMAS YA´LL

Merry Christmas!

Tatum "mustache" if you are having a Merry Christmas?

Brayden got to skype our family on Christmas Day!  BEST DAY EVER!!

Saturday, December 24, 2016

THE MOST NICA THING EVER December 21, 2016

SO, I was in Mangaua and I saw thee most Nica thing I have seen yet. A mom literally pulled down her son's pants in the middle of the bus station (super, super crowed area) and just let the kid pee all over the pants. IT WAS THE FUNNIEST THING I HAVE EVER SEEN.

Hey, I love you guys with all my heart. I am SO excited for the 25th to see you all. Sorry I couldn't get a lot of emails out today, this has been the craziest week of my flippin' life. I am coming with questions for Skype, so be ready! MERRY CHRISTMAS

Elder Campbell

THE NAVIDAD SPECIAL December 21, 2016

HAHA I AM STILL ALIVE! I apologize for my lateness on the email this week fellow friends and family, we had a few meetings/parties to attend in Managua! And, of course, we had ANOTHER miracle this week. We baptized our little friend, Blanca! Her Father never ever wanted her to get baptized with the other missionaries. As we've talked to him the past 2 or 3 weeks, I've really seen a softening of his heart. We have prayed over and over again to allow him to experience a little change of heart. Boy, was that puppy answered! A critical time came after we had a lesson with Blanca and her father. I asked her if she really wanted to get baptized and she said 'yes!' in front of her father. As we talked a little more, he finally agreed that this was something important for her and that she needed to be baptized. He never wanted anything, but he had the knowledge to let his daughter experience the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and I honestly know that one day he will realize just how special this Church truly is. The Lord really does answer our prayers! We just have to have the faith to continue walking and working, knowing that the Savior is right next to our side.

At our Christmas party, they let us watch Captain America, so that was a little Christmas Miracle. 
We enjoyed a ton of other fun things and just took the time to celebrate the life of our Savior!

Well, this concludes my saga. I cannot explain how much I love this work. I love my Savior with all my heart and soul and I am more than happy to put aside my self and give him 2 years of my life to help bring to pass his 'work and glory' (Moses 1:39) Be good this Holiday season, don't party too hard without me! Just give me 1 more Christmas, then I'll be back.


I cannot wait to Skype my family. I believe my mother would enjoy a few boxes of tissues as her Christmas presents to help her prepare for my call. LOVE YOU MOM!

Elder Campbell 


LUKE 2:10-11 a savior, man.


Blanca's baptism


Tuesday, December 13, 2016


Beloved family and friends, I am back for another short hour to describe just how awesome this first week was with my new companion, Elder Herrera! He is from the Dominican Republic (2/2) and he is beyond excited to be out here serving the Lord. He's a recent convert of just over a year and is the ONLY member in his family. He's an inspiration to me that this Gospel really can change any heart and that it truly is of Jesus Christ. I am so grateful for the blessings that the Lord has given me and I am pumped to describe how our week went! Shoutout to my cousin, Syd, for hitting the big 20 TODAY! Still not engaged right?!

On Tuesday, hauled on down to Managua for the meeting of the new missionaries. I learned so many tips and tricks from the APs on how to be a kick butt trainer. After lunch, met big boy Herrera (I'm upset that he's taller than me) and we took off.

Wednesday, Elder Ochoa of the Seventy came and spoke to us in our Multi-Zone Conference. I am proud to say that I understand EVERYTHING in Spanish. He gave an inspiring message with 7 grand tips on how to be the best missionary possible.

Miracle of Katherine:

As we began this week, we didn't know one thing in our area. No members, directions, investigtors, nothing. We worked super hard to receive referrals and help from the members, but we faulted a baptism. On Thursday, we went to work with a member named Cindy. She brought her cousin, Katherine, a NON-MEMBER. We talked a little, and she told me she's been to church a few times before and is interested in the message. I had a prompting to ask her to get baptism this Saturday and she accepted! We taught her all 42 principals of the 5 lessons in 2 days. I asked her if she believed that Joseph Smith was a prophet of God and she told me that, ¨I don`t believe he was a prophet, I feel that he was a prophet.¨ On Saturday, we had the humbling chance to baptize her a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. After her baptism, she shared her testimony with us that she felt a giant weight lifted off her shoulders and that she wants to prepare to missionary one day! Quite the miracle!

I also had the chance to baptism a investigator of mine from Sor Maria, named Maurwan. He is the coolest little muchacho! He loves the primary because they give him food and sing I am a child of God! HAHA!

I believe that God is always preparing people for us. I am humbled to be a servant for my Savior, especially this time of year. I know that as we draw closer unto him and do his will, that is when we will experience true joy.

I love you every single one of you. Keep preppin' for the 25th! Campbell OUT.

Elder Campbell 


1. John 6:66-71 Lord, To whom shall we go?
2. D&C 67:3 Elder Ochoa shared this scripture with us. There is no room for fear in our hearts, only faith.

¨We are ambitious for Christ when we serve faithfully, accept humbly, endure nobly, pray fervently, and partake worthily.¨ Elder Yamashita



Herrera actually baptized Katherine, we just had to do plan Nica and switch white pants after I baptized Maurwan because he didn't have any!


Tuesday, December 6, 2016


OY! On Saturday, I was blessed to find out that I am going to be training a brand new companion from the CCM. He's named Elder Martinez and we are opening up an area in Matagalpa called Yaguarez! I am super excited and humbled for this chance that the Lord has given me, but also a little sad to leave Sor Maria and all of the awesome people over there.  I am also grateful for the teaching and experience I gained from Elder Mendez this past 6 weeks. We sure did give them some heaven! Also, Elder Rush is my new DL and we are sharing an area. LETS GO!

I drove past the Central Park here in Matagalpa the other day and they were setting up all of the lights. It looked just like Temple Square, only without the temple and a whole lot uglier. But hey, I got my Nica pride! 

This week we had quite the experience while we were teaching a family of 13 that we found through a member of the 7th Day Adventist Church (HAHA!). We taught them the Gospel of Jesus Christ and had a super spiritual lesson. At the end, we invited them to all be baptized. Of the 13, 8 said yes! We both felt like Christ at the Sermon on the Mount just teaching a whole bunch of people. At our church, we only had a humble number of 22 that attended. The little miracle was that we invitied 4 little kids off the street and they actually came. Later, 6 out of the 8 that we invited to be baptized went to church with us! BENDICION!

I cannot believe that it is December and 90 degrees every day. Enjoy the snow you lucky dogs! I have been reading a lot of the Gospels this week and I love nothing more than reading the miracles that our Savior performed. The greatest of them all was his humble atonement. I read/listened to a talk by Elder Neal A Maxwell called APPLYING THE ATONING BLOOD OF CHRIST. All I have to say is wow!

I hope you are all preparing for Christmas! Expect big things from the boys in Yaguarez this coming month! If you feel like sending me some love through mail or package, I wouldn't even mind. HAVE A KILLER WEEK!

Elder Campbell
El Guapo


1. Isiah 2:2-3 The temple is where we learn to me more the like the Lord. Also, Isiah saw the SL Temple in this vision! Go to the temple for me because I don't get to for 2 years!

Christ created the universe, however in little Galilee, he was simply known as the carpenter`s son. -Neal A. Maxwell