Friday, December 22, 2017


After six changes with my dear friend Elder Diaz, he is finally hitting the road to my beloved Ocotal. Also included on that out of Maximo Town list is my best bud, Elder Hughes, after one short change. Gentlemen, you shall be missed, but the memories will etched on fleshy tables of my heart for the rest of my life. The was no better way to finish our miracle filled change than with the baptism of our the Hermana Martha and our Paul-like conversion Super Man, Eduardo! December was always filled with gifts and surprises from Kris Kringle as a young lad, but the Holy One of Bethlehem filled in for his place, showing us how involved he truly is in our work. 

Our Mission, the Nicaragua Managua North mission held our annual Christmas party(ies) in the style of multi-zones and we were able to enjoy ourselves! Capitan America and Star Wars was missed, but soccer made up all the difference in the world. <3

Keep the magic alive this Christmas Season dear friends and family. Your fairytale ending to Francisco's conversion comes to an end this Saturday as he will enter into the waters of baptism. Keep him in your prayers! I love you all. May the force be with you!

Elder Campbell

Christmas 2017

Saturday, December 16, 2017

FRESH LOBBY & A PUERTO RUN December 10, 2017

Men and women, the sad news of the week is that my dear friend Francisco was not able to take that important step of baptism, but hope is not lost. (Help me Obi-Wan). If you could squeeze him in your little prayers during this important week, I would love you forever! 

Not too much went down with us in Maximo Town this week while I was hardly in the area.. We had the great chance to fly to Puerto Cabezas and meet with thee best zone in Central America at the moment! They are currently baptizing 16 on average weekly and finished the month of Ocotber with a high of 68 baptisms! they are currently on the hunt for that new record and it is a sight and wonder.

Elder Hughes and I celebrated 500 days of being a missionary with a low-quality Lobster lunch with the rest of the troops. It was nothing less than spectacular. 

T-Minus 15 days my dear friends and family. Keep studying the life of the Savior and participating in Lighting the World. It will bring miracles to pass!

Elder Campbell

DyC 88:68
DyC 93:1
Rev. 7:14-15

"The real tragedy is the tragedy of the man who never in his life braces himself for his one supreme effort, who never stretches to his full capacity, never stands up to his full stature." -IDK

Puerto Cabezas

Celebrated 500 days of being a missionary with Elder Hughes

Wednesday, December 6, 2017


Dearset friends and family members waiting for this email back at the homestead, I wish you happy 25 days of Christmas and hope you are Lighting the Dang World with all your heartfelt service. I thank you and know the Lord has a great smile on his face during this time of year to see how the human family tries to unite in a cause for good. The Nicas will be celebrating ''The Day of the Virgin`` on the 7th this week. It is basically trick or treating for them and nobody wants to talk about anything else other than Catholicism. Should be a dang good time!

As always, my dear companion and I, Elder Hughes have been working with all our heart, mind, might, and strength to be able to find the Lord`s elect and raise the Maximo Jerez out of the little pit she is in as we speak. We had great visits with the famous Francisco! We are also preparing our 3 different families for baptism, in preparation for their visits the house of the Lord in the following year of 2018. We could not be happier! (Vincent, Manuela, Eduardo, and Martha!)

Elder Hughes and I felt inspired to contact a house in our neighborhood this week that turned out to be thee best contact of our lives. We were starving, it was hot, and the ladies house had a sign that said, ''Ade`s Kitchen. Eat and repeat.'' We thought, well we love when those two words are together so lets contact it! I learned a grand lesson of the importance of just being yourself with someone. Getting to know them, being friendly, having a personality! Anyway, on with the story. Ade came to the door, we greeted and asked about food. She let us right in haha! Turns out she had been visited by the missionaries in Bluefields, speaks English, and loves to cook lobster and gallo pinto with coconut. As we talked for a minture, she invited us to come back that night to watch the Christmas video from the church and to have dinner with her. Miracles can be found in even the richest of houses! ;)

I am grateful for the great chance I have to serve and represent the Lord Jesus Christ. Thinking of him this Christmas season and his precious life is what keeps me moving forward to find more and more people. Do the same! Change somebody`s life!

Elder Campbell


Christmas Ties!

Elder Campbell and Elder Hughes

Packages for everyone

Thursday, November 30, 2017


Nicaragua has yet to disappoint in the almost 16 month journey that I have been embarked on. One walks in the street, hears almost every type of cuss word, in English and Spanish, sees the beautiful houses, filled with families upon and families, and is instantly filled with a Christ-like love for every single one of them! Turkey Day was a treat and the miracle of our dearest grandma, Mayra all took place in this oh so fast week of mine.

Monday, my main man, Francisco accepted the baptismal invitation for the 9th of December after we set up our teaching schedule. Clear your calendars ladies and gentleman!

Tuesday-Thursday, I was out of town with my 2nd father and mother, Pres and Sis Poncio, visiting my good pals on the pacific coast in Chinandega and Leon. Our mission is the biggest bro mission in this church if you were wondering! Thursday night (all before 10:30, don't worry) was the BBQ off in our humble brick oven out back. Lo, it ´twas not a success hahahaha. 

Friday, the ol' MTC comp, Elder McCord made his way down to Maximo Town to hit up some divisions! We had the wonderful opportunity together to teach Francsico Lesson 3, emphasizing in the Holy Atonement of our Savior. I had a flashback of teaching with him in the MTC in the middle of the lesson and it was so awesome. Elder Holland once said, "When the missionaries come to understand and use the Atonement, it will carry them for the rest of their missions. But, one of the most important things they can understand is that the Atonement will ALSO carry their investigators at the same time." This is exactly what has happened with Francisco and Mayra in the last 2 weeks. Use it in your own personal lives and watch the changes come to live, just like the stories of old!

Saturday, Hermana Mayra entered the baptismal font and it only took 3 tries, with a seat involved, to get her completely under water. She has been through hell and back in her life, but has helped my testimony grow so much on having a true desire to seek the Lord and follow him through whatever circumstance. I love my dear Nica friends so much.

I am grateful for each and everyone of you handsome and pretty people on there reading this email. Look for ways to use the Light the World activity, it will bless you immensely!

Thee Elder Campbell 


TURKEY DAY BABY! Beloved family and friends, as we are approaching this wonderful holiday season, I am beyond grateful to be here in Nicaragua, eating our oh so delicious Gallo Pinto, with some of the people that I love most. My week was yet again filled with adventures with my good friend Elder Hughes, Diaz, and President Poncio as we scaled the back bones of our mission with our many trips and our POWERFUL lessons with our investigators. Here's how she went!

Tuesday-Thursday, We were on the road at Multi-Zones, getting every mission locked and loaded for the Christmas activity to Light The Entire World and find as many new families as possible to baptize. After the meeting in Chinandega, I came back down to managua and I went with thee one and only Elder Hughes to meet some families in the sister´s area. Just before we went, our dear friend, Coco Loco, gave us quite a visit, trying to speak to us in tongues. His picture is below! 

Friday, we had the visit of our lives with my friend, Francisco. As we got to his house, he wanted nothing to do with small talk, he just said "Let's say the prayer and get going. I have questions!" Ah man, he was pumped. I asked how his reading for ONE FULL WEEK went. The man read all the way to Alma 18, looked the church up on the internet, made connections with the Bible, and told me the book of mormon story better than I could. I was blown away at the diligence this man had to find his answer. He asked question after question, but finally we got him going with Mosiah 5. As he read the conversion of the peublo of Benjamin, his heart was touched. He committed to church for the first time in his life. Of course, he kept his promise and was ready to go this morning bright and early. He received his answer of the church today during sacrament and my testimony of diligently seeking answers increased drastically. He'll be a new convert so soon!!!

Our dear grandmother that weights 230 pounds, Mayra, is getting baptized this week. I'll let you know how we get her in the water without us going down with her! Wish us luck!

make a goal to get on your knees every morning and night and say a sincere, grateful, out of the normal prayer that you do on the routine. Ask him for spiritual experiences, chances to serve and I know he will deliver for you. Study the words of life and take care this week. I sure do each and everyone of you!

Elder Campbelllll 

DyC 84:77-85 Search the words of life CONSTANTLY (EVERY DANG DAY)

Cortez Fam

bridge pic baby


Thursday, November 16, 2017

GALLO PINTO November 13, 2017

Dearest Homies,

For the first time since I can remember, this week was not plagued with meetings, travels, training, or errands. It was incredibly nice and I could feel the Spirit working through us to find so many awesome people during our battle time. We helped many families come to understand the importance of the temple and our entire ward is falling in love with missionary work! 

Grandpa invited us out to eat. He is so rich and is thee coolest dude in Nicaragua!

Elder Hughes and I are the dynamic duo of the Maximo, I'll just put it that way. We had such a humbling experience with a man named Francisco that wanted NOTHING to do with the Book of Mormon. I met him at the house of member, and gave him the Book after a few minutes of bashing me. He agreed to let us come back and we did indeed. He had read ALL of 3 Nephi 11, went to all the Bible references, and had 1 million questions. Instead of bashing, we testified and just read the book with him. His heart softened! The Book of Mormon literally speaks for itself. He requested EIGHT whole days to study, meditate, pray, and ponder. We'll see what kind of work the Spirit puts in during this next week!

Rice and beans baby.

"Conscience is a celestial spark which God has put into every man for the purpose of saving his soul." 

Elder Campbell

Rice and beans baby.

BUBBA DUNK November 5, 2017

Worst brother of all time, but I give a 2 year shout out to my beloved Sister and Brother-in-Law, Maddie and Tanner, for dos aƱos married. They say chivalry has died, but I beg to differ with my man Tanner. Long live the Withers-Campbell clan!

Well, we started out our week with the baptism of my little pal, Hosmin! He turned 9 on the Halloween and wanted so dearly to be baptized that day. Our little challenge with Hosmin was that you pulled a plan Elder Zwick from General Conference on us.. He doesn't know how to read! As we first started teaching him and his family (they are inactives) the parents didn't want anything to do with us. We took Hosmin to primary, taught him letters and pronunciations, and taught him about the Lord! As expected, the hearts of the parents changed! While they are burdened with many difficult circumstances and ruined relations, the Lord can heal even the deepest of wounds. We hope and pray that Hosmin can be an example to help his needful parents out of their rut. 

We threw it back to the divine companionship, Elder Mccord and I! We both broke mission baptismal records in the same month and President Poncio invited us over to the mansion to celebrate the success! McCord grew up so fast.. 

My compadre, my friend, my brother, my COMPANION, Elder Hughes is making his way down to Maximo Town with Elder Diaz and I. Just get ready for one heck of a change. Christmas Risk!

"One of the most serious human defects in all ages is procrastination,an unwillingness to accept responsibilities NOW." -Spencer W. Kimball
"Hell is paved with good intentions." -Spencer W. Kimball

Hebrews 5:8-9: Self Mastery!
James 1:12-16 "I was born this way!"
John 8:12.- I AM

Elder Campbell

La Mansion


We kissed Shrimps this week

Friday, November 3, 2017


My dear friend and the late, great (Elder 4ever) Nick Andriese is hitting the big 21 this 4th of November. I remember the night before you left for your adventure in Mexico, we had some sweat coming out of our eyes as we watched the last Lord of the Rings and said goodbye. Thanks for being one of inspirations to serve a mission with all my heart, might, mind, and strength. Sure do love you man and hope you have thee best birthday yet! Man, we hit the ground running in Nicaragua this week. October is the rainiest month of the year in this tropical beast, but that didn't stop us for one moment!

 Tuesday-Friday, we girded our loins and worked like crazy. I went on splits with this guy named David Rosales and we had tons of spiritual experiences with our members in the Maximo! A 15 year old in our ward named Rut had a stroke and we had to ditch mid lesson to run to her house and give her a blessing. Keep her in your prayers!

Saturday, my dear friend and 2nd grandpa named Denis overcame the impossible and was baptized. I'll never forget the journey we had with him and the testimony he shared moments after his baptism. He began by telling the story of how we met. We were walking, fast like always, and he saw us from the distance. He had the natural instinct to go inside to avoid us, but something made him stay. Of course, we contacted the man while he was sweeping his porch! He was friendly and invited us back! Slowly but surely, as he read the Book of Mormon, the Spirit whispered it was true. He came to General Conference and through the voice of the Lord´s servants, the Spirit whispered yet again. In a sacrament meeting talk given by a youth, who talked about the Holy Ghost and the way he WHISPERS made all the dots connect in the life of Denis. He was an atheist, for the first time in his life, was giving religion a run for its money. As he told us these experiences, tears swelled in his eyes. He has set the way for the rest of his family to take the same steps! Greatest feeling ever! The miracle month has almost come to a close.

Happy Halloween to all you bagos out there. I sure do love you and appreciate all the love you have been sending my way. Take care this week!

Elder Campbell

D&C 84:19-22 God MANIFESTS himself through the ordinances that we do. Think about it deeply!

Baptism of Denis


We were blessed and privileged as a mission to have a special 3 day visit from Elder Valeri Cordon from the 70 during this last week! The number one thing he taught us was HOW we establish the church as missionaries. He flat out taught that it is through strong, faithful families that are sealed in the temple. He then expanded on how we needed to change our culture and our visions as missionaries, to come to truly understand just how valuable each and every soul is to our Lord. With Elder Diaz, we traveled up to Matagalpa (HOME) Tuesday to be the 2 Elias.(preparing the way) We checked the sound system, made sure the armed guards were set and ready to go, and then made our way over to the one and only SOR MARIA! Hermana Bianca and Darving invited us over to have a birthday celebration, remembering all the old times. They both shared with me thee happiest news I have heard in the last 15 months of my missionary service... They are planning to get sealed in the temple in the coming months! I never felt the Spirit so strongly as we enjoyed that moment with them. I was able to be an instrument in the Lord`s hands in helping this oh so special family. Now we just wait for the big day! I gave Darving some beef jerky that my mother sent me and he almost shed some tears. The Nicas LOVE beef jerky hahahaha. 

All throughout the week, we had one on one meetings with Elder Cordon. He is the definition of the ``polished shaft in the Lord`s quiver`` that Isaiah talks about, no doubt. He taught me so many important tips and tricks on how to be a good man and missionary.
Friday, I got egged by a family in the Maximo. I love them so much hahaha!

Saturday, we were able to my baptize my good friend, Gabriel! He is the coolest little 10 year old you will meet! He loves the Book of Mormon, singing the hymns, and rejecting cups of coffee from his family members hahaha! His mother, wouldn't give us permission for his baptism 2 months ago. His dad, a member, fought his cause, but ultimately lost. We took a different approach and we taught the mom. Slowly, but surely, she changed. The Spirit worked his magic yet again! Now she is preparing for her baptism in November! 

October is a month of miracles. That is the only way I can describe it. This week I came to understood my purpose in a deeper way. God is real. Jesus Christ came earth 2,000 and did the most miraculous act to be done upon the face of this earth. He can heal you, if you just let him. Read Maxwell`s quote to understand what he truly does with us! I love you all. Dueces!

"God does not begin by asking us about our ability, but only about our availability, and if we then prove our dependability, he will increase our capacity!"  -Elder Neal A. Maxwell
The House