Tuesday, February 28, 2017

LET THE 5TH CHANGE BEGIN February 27, 2017

What is good?! I hope you all had the time of your lives this February and are looking forward to March like I am. March and April are THEE hottest months here in Nica, so I'm dang excited for that. We've got some more special dates in the ol' Campbell Clan this week. The big 27 year anniversary of my beloved Mother and Father AND the 29th birthday of my mother, Kim. BE SURE to tell them something on this week.I love you guys! Sad news is... Elder Carter and I are no longer companions as the changes arrived this last weekend.. He's off for Managua. It was quite the change with ya man, we built quite the friendship. We faced it all brother! In comes my ol' ZL and good friend, Elder Arias from Guatemala. I am so pumped and blessed to be able to work with him and to help bring these special people of Ocotal to their Lord and Savior.

This week was pretty awesome for Zona Ocotal! Tons and tons of baptisms in all the cities and tons of new people accepting the Gospel. The Lord's work is rolling baby! 

Elder Carter and I spent some time with AP Neilson and President this week. Quite the experience learning from the big guns down from Headquarters.

It was a little disappointing not baptizing this change, but the Lord has something big ready for us. I know it!

That raps it up from Ocotal, Nicaragua. When things seem bleak, just remember there is a light at the end of the journey. That light is the Savior. Love you guys!

Elder Campbell


D&C 46:30
Alma 29:4 The Lord guides us based on our desires
John 17 In the world, not of the world.

Goodbye Elder Carter

Hello Elder Arias


Let the novel begin... What a week it was for the 2 missions here in Nicaragua! As you know, an APOSTLE of our Lord and Savior visited to give us his wisdom and love. I'll tell you all about what he said here shortly. To begin, HAPPY BIRTHDAY (Thursday) to my not so big sister, Maddie! Hittin' the big 22.. sorry boys she's already married! Make sure you wish her a happy birthday this Jueves. My little cousin Paislee hit the magical year of 8 and is preparing for her baptism the 1st week of March. I'm so proud of you Pais! Elder Carter and I are coming down on the last week of the change here in Ocotal and we are so excited for lies ahead. But, here's how the week went:

We had 12 Elders sleeping at our house Monday night (our zone are is huge) so we could all head down together to get there in time to here the special message in Managua. Elder Rasband, Elder Christiansen, Elder Ochoa, and Elder Duncan were all present. It was quite the historical moment for the Church in Nicaragua! Having the chance to shake Elder Rasband´s hand and feel his Spirit.. What a moment that was for me! The first thing Elder Rasband said was, ´We have meeting with President Daniel Ortega after this. I hope you all know I am going to preach Jesus Christ to him!´ HAHA, it was so awesome. He shared the importance of always finding new people to help gather them to the stakes of Zion. I had never been so animated in all my life after this meeting! He kept his promise too! The next day, he was on the news and it showed him giving a statue of Christ to Pres. Ortega. Building relations for a temple..? Of course, as promised, we did get McDonald´s after. 

I headed up to Jalapa on Thursday to do a little division with the missionaries. I was able to see the Honduras Mountains and visit all of their investigators. They baptized the most elect family this weekend. It was the biggest miracle!

Tomorrow we got interviews with President Poncio! That man has the greatest Spirit to him. I wish you guys could meet him!

This week was another awesome and rather normal week in the field. A few of our investigator fell but we are finding more and more of the chosen elect of God. This work is the most important work that there is!

And there ends another week in Nicaragua. Shoutout to all of you faithful readers, you are my heroes. I hope you all felt the special love the Savior has for us this week. Search the scriptures diligently to find your answers and never forget to pray! I love you all. Stay Nectar!

Elder Campbell

PS- Here´s the new mission address if you are feeling kind enough to send me something sick! (I'd love you forever)
Elder Brayden Campbell
Nicaragua Managua North Mission
La Iglesia de Jesucristo De Los Santos de Los Últimos Días
Waspan Sur, de la antigua Shell 
Waspan 75 varas al sur
Managua Nicaragua


Honduras Mountains

Baby lizard


Thursday, February 16, 2017

THE BIG VISIT February 13, 2017

Friends and family, I cannot believe how fast the time is rolling on by. The work is hastening in Ocotal and we are seeing the fruits of our labors in abundance (Prophetic huh?) We received some GIANT news the other day from the APs.. Elder Rasband from the Quorum of the 12 Apostles is coming TOMORROW for our Multi-Mission conference! I have never been so excited to finally meet one of the Twelve and have the chance to shake his hand and feel his Spirit and Power. We are heading out at 2 AM tomorrow morning to meet up with the South mission for this event! (Which means McDonalds for lunch, baby!)

To be honest, this was quite an average week. I did A TON of divisions and traveling and had the opportunity to meet all the elect of the Lord in our zone. We have been faced with trials and opposition, but the Lord is cultivating the faith of our investigators and they are progressing great. We've got a few baptisms planned for this week and for the upcoming week. Be Ready!

Carter and I are loving the Mission. Through obedience and diligence, the work will work his miracles. I love you all! Have a killer week.

Elder Campbell

The invitation to repent is an expression of LOVE! -Elder Christofferson 


1. D&C 50:21-22 If we feel the Spirit, the investigator feels the Spirit!
2. Joshua 3:5 The Lord will work wonders among you!



Bolos sleeping right outside of the church building :(

WASATCH HIGH HAHA (shoutout to big man Troy Campbell)

Friday, February 10, 2017

THE HALF-TIME SPECIAL February 6, 2017

Ladies and Caballeros, we have returned to report how dope this week was. First of all, shoutout to my friend Tom Brady for his 5th. I'm sure Steven Burt really enjoyed the big game. Miss ya buddy! Elder Carter and I celebrated the big Sabbath Day with 6 investigators in Church and a rice and beans dinner to top it all with a convo with the APs. Things are rolling in the valley of Ocotal and I couldn't be happier with the work or life!

The changes in the mission have officially taken off and I am super pumped to see how much more success we are going to have down here in Nica Ville! Wednesday, we had the opportunity to travel at 2:30 AM down to Managua to have a consejo with all the other ZLs in the mission. We were spiritually fed by Pres. Poncio and his wife! They talked about being Captains like Captain Moroni in our Zones and doing everything in our power by the Spirit. It was quite the experience for me!

Elder Carter and I put on our weekly activity in the Church. We drew up the Vision of Lehi from 1 Nephi 8 and it was a blast. All of our investigators were amped up and loved reading from the Book of Mormon. 

Got a few packages from home.. Christmas came in February baby!

6 of the little rascals came to Church on Sunday and it was quite the humbling experience. I love nothing more than going into the simple homes of these people and teaching them in the most sincere way about the Restoration of this Gospel. The troops are lining up for baptisms, we should be seeing some photos with white clothes in the coming weeks. KEEP OCOTAL IN YOUR PRAYERS!

I read a quote from Elder Richard G Scott that I thoroughly enjoyed. Here she is, ´When he answers yes, it is to give us confidence. When he answers no, it is to prevent error. When he with holds an answer, it is to have us grow through faith in him, obedience to his commandments, and a willingness to act on truth.´

The end has finally come. I love you guys so much! I cannot explain the love I have for this work. All of you thinking or preparing to serve a mission, YOU'LL NEVER REGRET IT! Hasta Lunes a todos. 

ElDeR Campbell 


D&C 19:23
Alma 7:21, 23-24

Zone Conference - Elder Carter and Elder Campbell

Rice and Beans to celebrate the Super Bowl

Nothing better than packages from home that include Frosted Flakes! This kiss is totally within the mission rules!

Wednesday, February 1, 2017


Beloved ones from the lands of snow, how goes it? Here we are yet again on another Monday, reading another tale of Elder Campbell. You guys are so blessed and lucky to know someone like me... (Joking). We had some awesome spiritual experiences and big changes in the mission that are going to make our work that much more effective and time manageable. I love being a missionary because we are given authority and power to have spiritual experiences during scripture study and during working hours. It is quite the life, baby!

We ran down to Estelí this Wednesday to witness a worldwide broadcast with a few of the Apostles! They changed the work schedule around a little bit and gave us some cool tips and tricks to keep the obra flowin'! Revelations from the Lord for sure!

Elder Carter and I are teaching tons and tons of families about the importance of this Gospel and The Restoration. They are all progressing and working towards those final step. I shall keep you updated!

I went to Managua to pick up my CEDULA! I am officially a Nica! You should see my picture hahaha.. happiest guy in the world!

I heard a talk by Elder Howard W. Hunter a few nights ago where he literally DARES us to ask God in faith if Jesus is the Christ and if this really his his work/church. That sounded like a challenge to me and I am currently taking advantage of it. DO THE SAME!

Another week rolled right on by. I love this work more and more everyday and I literally promise you that this his church and that he lives. Keep doing those little things that make other people happy. I love you all! 

Elder Campbell OUT


1. Jacob 2:18-19 Search the Kingdom first. 
2. D&C 45:57 You cannot be deceived with the Lord on your side!


Yay for packages getting to him!

Elder Campbell and Elder Carter

BOLO DAYS January 23, 2017

Let the tales of Elder Carter and Elder Campbell begin! I am so blessed to have another hard working, dedicated comp. (4/4) Plus, he speaks English.  Wow, what a first week it was here in the border of Nicaragua and Honduras. The people here are the exact same as Matagalpa, loving and drunk haha. Our zone has areas that are 3 hours away and all the missionaries are super cool. We are struggling right now, but we have got plans and changes that are going to rise this puppy back on top! I am glad that President Trump didn't have any problems during his inauguration and that all the weed smoking cities blazed up in honor of him. USA BABY!

To be honest, this week was just about as normal as it could be. Hard work and adventuring in the new area! We passed a few drunks and had to take advantage of the opportunity. 

I had the chance to do my very first baptismal interview with an 18 year old named Jony. To sit and listen to his experiences that darkened his life before, and how the Holy Atonement of Jesus Christ rescued him, brought quite the feeling to my soul. I really have seen the effects of this Infinite Atonement change the lives of people here in Nicaragua and I know that each and everyone of you can use it in the exact same way. Just be humble and willing to change, and the Lord will repair you!

We chopped a few coconuts to celebrate the end of the week. Cheers!

That's a rap from Elder Camp! I love you all. More to come next week, I promise!


D&C 103:9 Saviors of Men
D&C 9:7-8 Study it out, then ask!
New companion - Elder Carter (with the glasses)