Tuesday, August 1, 2017

THE LORD'S HANDS July 30, 2017

1 year ago... The Journey began. I am proud of this Gospel and the fact that I get to represent the Savior, Jesus Christ. We were able to bring down some miracles from the heavens this last week and see how the Lord works in his mysterious ways when we place our selves at his feet and let him guide and instruct us!

Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday I was on the road with President Poncio and Hermana Poncio visiting all the houses of the missionaries on the west coast of Nicaragua. We were in Chinandega and Leon, thee hottest cities in this whole world. It was awesome being able to talk to President about his personal life and learn from his experiences! (Momotombo 'volcano' and Corinto ´the beach'). 

Last night, our good friend Steven took that step and got baptized! He is a shyer, quieter dude, but he is one of the most humble little teenagers I have met. He shows up at 4:30 in the afternoon to take advantage of the church wifi and play some Clash of Clans before seminary starts, then he goes to class, then has to return home to where his grandfather treats him like garbage. We were never able to teach him in his home because of his family situation, but the Bishop, being Steven´s uncle, really took on the load and was right by his side. Hours before the baptism, Steven´s grandmother called us and said he would not be getting baptized because he was sick and that he should wait a little longer. As persistent missionaries do, we went right on over to his house. We talked to him, offered a blessing, and told him a miracle would come to pass if he had the faith. Of course, the Lord provided and almost instantly Steven felt better. The Bishop baptized him, and the smile on Steven´s face sealed the deal. The Lord saw our sacrifices during the week, and because of it, he was able to make a miracle happen!

Nicaragua is cool. 

DyC 67:10-13 The Lord will make himself known unto us as we rid ourselves of all ungodliness and put off the natural man!

Take care, each and everyone of you back at home! Good luck to all you fresh missionaries and the ones who are entering into the holy MTC in the coming weeks. Prepare for big things!

Con amor,

Elder Campbell 

Brayden and President Poncio

Steven's baptism

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