Sunday, July 9, 2017

YOU PIECE OF JUNK July 2, 2017

After 3 changes, we bid farewell to our beloved amigo, Elder Carter! It was quite the ride man, all the miracles, challenges, bucanales.. Especially the last week here in the Maximo with your Dad! Take care in Gringolandia, Elmer! These have been moments unforgettable for the Elders of the Maximo Jerez. The whole ward is coming together to bring the Lord's elect back home, letting us lead them! We were able to have 2 of the most spiritual convert baptisms last night, capping off yet another successful and anticipated week. Happy 4th of July to all you rednecks and hicks back home! Keep the waters of Lake Powell clean, por favor!

We brought a few companionships down from the zones Las Americas and Leon to divisions in the rain with us. It is quite the chance to work with missionaries from all around the mission and learn from the way they work and teach!

The father of Elder Carter, Mr. Nolan made his way down to Managua during the week and spent time working in our area and meeting all the amazing people. We had one of the most spiritual experiences listening to our dear friend, Octavio, share his testimony about how much the missionaries, through the love and grace of Christ, have changed his life. 

P Day (Yesterday) was the dopest one I have had yet! We started off by going to the Masaya Volcano with the whole gang, then to Lake Managua, and to the Maximo church to play soccer with all the chums. We had the best baptismal service I have been apart of in my 11 months here in Nicaragua, finishing off the day! Juvenia, the lady, was first contacted 6 months ago in our area and wanted nothing to do with the ´Mormons´. Last month, we contacted her again and the Lord prepared and touched her heart during that 5 month break. She progressed, learned, and received her own testimony through the BOM, while facing ALL the fire from the adversary, but endured it well. Miracle and a half! Bryan, the little hooligan, has been on our radar since time began. He was going to church forever, but was scared of baptism. With the help of his family and the Spirit through the BOM, he was able to calm his emotions and replace his fear with faith, he finally committed to baptism. He bore the funniest testimony after about running away from the missionaries because he didn't want to get baptized. He is the man! A picture below shows the entire fan section that showed up.. HE literally directs this work!

Moses 7:27-40 hit home this week. The Lord weeps when he sees us not living up to godly potential. He loves us that much. Give her a read!

I sure do love this work and my Savior. He blesses and heals each of us, one by one, if we are willing to strengthen that personal relationship with him. 

Campbell Out.

Look @ them and weep!

Lake Managua

Baptism of Bryan by Elder Carter's dad, Nolan Carter.

Brayden and Elder Carter

Look at all the people there for the baptism!

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