Monday, June 19, 2017

HE LIVES TO PURIFY June 11, 2017

The conclusion to the best week of my mission so far.. To literally be apart of the miracles that the Lord is pouring out over the mission here in Nicaragua. To see the staggering changes that these people are making to come unto to their Lord and Savior, to experience his healing and purifying power.. It is a beautiful thing! Before we get to explaining all deets, I would like to give a cordial shout out to my handsome, young brother, Hunter! He is becoming an adult tomorrow, hitting the critical age of 18! He is officially a Senior and I believe single. I love you dude! Next, to my amigaso, Elder Carter. No longer a teenager, but still acting like a 15 year old.. It has been a life changing 3 transfers with you bro. Love you to death! 3 weeks till you hit the tomb...Elder Nonu hitting the big 19 as well here in the Maximo Jerez. Birthday spirit is in the flipping air! Finally, to the one up North.. Thee Nicole Curtis! Also, completing 18 aƱitos on the 15th of June. It is so good to see you finally growing up :)

The beginning of this week was full of mission interviews and divisions with the ZLs. I finally got to go back to jungle and teach some of the humble people of the boonies! There is nothing better than hitting the dirt and finding, teaching, and inviting to baptizing!

Saturday, was the day that changed my life. Elder Renlund, from the Q of 12 Apostles, made a historic visit to Nicaragua to meet with the missionaries and a few of the Stakes here in Managua. He focused his talk on the importance of baptism, the Atonement of Jesus Christ, and how we can decide to be the best missionaries possible. He explained that sin can leave scars, tracks, and damages on our souls. But, through the Atonement of Christ, he can clean and erase those scars, tracks, and damages. He can make it as though we never sinned. He compared it to the sealing of a child to their living parents in the temple.´´As if´´ that child was born under the convent when they are sealed, he taught. He explained that we have to baptize to get these people on the path of convents that makes them inheritors of the Lord´s Kingdom. Read Moses 6:53, 64-68 to understand a little more of this concept! Finally, he concluded that as we keep our eyes single to his glory (DyC 4:2,5 Moses 1:39) the Lord will make us his friends. He really is my kind, wise, heavenly-friend. 

Sunday (TODAY!) we listened to him 2 more times in the Stake Conference of Bello Horizonte and Las Americas. It was beautiful, to put it short. Then, the miracle took place. We had the chance to ordain 8 men, EIGHT, to the Melchizedek Priesthood from the Maximo Jerez, 5 of them being recent converts. These men have come every background possible, and have become some of my best friends in the world. To see each and every one of their smiles after that ordination.. Those are the moments worth living for. 

2 years isn't enough to serve the Lord. It is a calling for our entire lives. I know he lives.  And because he sent one of his special witness to edify us and leave this impact on us, I have changed. Baptisms here we come!
I love you each and everyone of you! You are my inspiration. Have a good one!

Tu amigo fiel,

Elder Campbell 




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