Monday, June 5, 2017


As you all know, the Nicaragua Managua North mission is thee best in the entire world. Because of this fact, we are going to have the visit of another Apostle, Elder Renlund, to feed us spiritually, along with all the members of the Stake of Bello Horizonte (MY STAKE) That is a double down, ladies and gentlemen. I am beyond excited for this great privilege I have, and for the privilege that the Lord is giving for these humble people to hear from one of the Special Witness of the Lord! 

Our historic mission conference with all the leaders was a huge success! We were able to instruct and enjoy a good day with the missionaries and teach the responsibilities and keys to being a successful leader in the mission! President Poncio is the man, I wish you all could come and learn and hear from him. Man called of God, NO DOUBT! 

Our good friend and investigator, Derek, took the steps of baptism yesterday! For months, he would avoid the missionaries. He wanted nothing to do with them or the Gospel. As we taught his sister, his heart changed and we finally made another attempt to help him be baptized as well! The Lord touched his heart and opened up, came to church, repented, and made the decision. The Lord works in mysterious ways. The miracles did not cease when the Lord ascended into heaven, and that I testify! 


I am so proud of all my little 6th Ward brothers getting all their calls and preparing to serve missions. Best of luck to each and everyone you! The Lord PERSONALLY called you to where you are going, and he is preparing families and individuals right now to hear from YOU!

That is all she wrote for this week. Enjoy the kick off of summer! Lake Powell, you will be missed. <3

Elder Campbell

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